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EVOKE was developed by the World Bank Institute, the learning and knowledge arm of the World Bank Group, and directed by alternate reality game master Jane McGonigal.

The Evokation – How to earn EVOKE awards, scholarships, mentorships

Posted by Alchemy on 24 Jan under How to EVOKE

As you begin this adventure, keep your eye on the future – your future.

On May 12, 2010, you will have completed your crash course in changing the world. You will have successfully accomplished the 10 missions and 10 quests that help you develop your unique social innovation superpowers.

So: What happens next?

On May 12, 2010, you will face the ultimate challenge: the Evokation. An Evokation is a plan of action. It’s a clear and vivid description of a project you want to undertake. And it’s how YOU will earn the opportunity to continue your journey as a social innovator.

By submitting an Evokation, you will become eligible for:

  • online mentorships
  • travel scholarships to the first EVOKE summit in Washington, DC
  • seed investment to start developing your first social venture
  • and other EVOKE rewards


On May 12, 2010, I will ask you to submit your Evokation – as either a video or a blog post.

Your Evokation must include the following four essential elements:

1. The Place. Where will you make a difference? Describe the institution, community, town or other geographic or virtual space in which you will focus your efforts.

2. The Challenge. What will you aim to change, and for whom? Highlight what is the need that you perceive and who will benefit from this change.

3. The Idea. Your solution – what is the action, product, service, project, change that you will initiate? Tell us how will your idea will succeed where others have failed.

4. The Money. What would you do with your first US$1,000 given or invested in support of your vision?

Based on the Evokation you submit, and your overall participation in the Evoke network missions, quests, and discussions, we will choose a number of you to continue the journey with us and change the world in unimaginable ways.

We will look for truly creative solutions, breakthrough ideas, solid business plans, and courageous projects — and we hope to find up to 20 Evokations to support with at least one award.

You can start preparing NOW for your ultimate challenge.

PARTICIPATE ACTIVELY every week. EVOKE agents who complete all 10 missions and quests will receive top priority for the Evokation awards.

DEVELOP YOUR FOCUS. As you complete quests and missions, try to develop a clear focus. What social problem are you most interested in working on? What community do you want to help? Start building up your knowledge now. Try to strengthen your  relationship with a specific community or organization with each and every mission or quest you undertake.

FIND ALLIES. The Evokation can be submitted individually or as a team. So be on the lookout for allies and mentors in the EVOKE network with whom you could join forces to change this world.

SEEK ADVISERS. Many EVOKE agents are here to mentor you throughout the game. Seek out their advice — and if you make a good connection, ask them to review your Evokation before you submit it. They may even offer you an official recommendation or statement of support!

When May 12, 2010 arrives…. will YOU be ready to take the next step of this journey? Will you take your knowledge, your passion, and your vision, and act courageously to convert your ideas into reality? Start preparing now to make your Evokation — so we can continue our social innovation adventure together.

Final EVOKATIONS are due by 11:59 PM PST on May 19.

48 Responses to “The Evokation – How to earn EVOKE awards, scholarships, mentorships”

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  3. Philip Cary

    Please include me in any “feeds” or updates….We are facing a real life EVOKE here in Chile right now….Between post quake tremors and Tsunami False alarms I will try and lead a team here to participate in the game.
    I am extremely interested in using EVOKE as an English Language Learning tool linked to soft skill competencies. As the largest EFL program in South America, and incidentally a EFC/World Bank loan recipient we seem to be converging on multiple reality fronts. All the best! Philip Cary Founding Director DuocUC English Program Santiago de Chile

  4. Laura Dawson

    I am looking to put my expertise in nutritional education to work in rural communities where there is little awareness of the profound impact food has on the whole person’s life and affairs. It will be good to learn how to evoke the resouces necessary to complete this goal.

  5. Emily S

    Dear Philip Cary,

    I wish you and all the other people in Chile strength and resilience in these difficult times – I would be keen to speak to you about other English Language Learning tools linked to soft skill competencies. Please let me know the best way to contact you!

    Many thanks and all the best to you,

    Emily S

  6. Ntobo

    We work to empower the underprevilaged youths of our communities. I wish to know if i can develop a project on this.

  7. Patricio Buenrostro Gilhuys

    I have experience in urban farms. I would like to expand the model and add also aquaponics. This farms serve not only as food production sites but also as community building spaces, educational centers and even yoga and dancing spaces. Young and old can share a common space, learn from each other while creating food security and eating healthy fresh food.

  8. Edwas

    Interesante, yo cotizaciуn en mi sitio mбs tarde.



    To have a fair networking, we need to give each other the points base on facts, relevancy and the ambition to make a change. We can reward a person base on effort to deliver something that is unique, which can equip and educate others. We are acting as if we are in the world of employment. The clarity and understability of what have been posted. I will never reward someone who don’t rewards others. We need to be fair and transparent. Others, ask what is this, even though they understand what it means in the really world. We are here to grow and forget about the past by communicating with each other regardless of race, name and gender. The positive influence of what you have submitted should be reawarded. More points should be given if it deserves to, no need to wait others to vote. Website agent should checkout and reward us base on what they found and learnt. It is about Empowering each other, But at the same time, it is encourage Tourism. You sell your country/place to others.

  10. Emil Dimitrov

    My goal is to promote professional gaming here in Bulgaria, to change people’s negative opinion about gaming as a sport, to build a stronger and bigger community of players.

  11. Gadiraju Lakshmi Narasimhan

    My goal is to better educational standards in developing countries with particular emphasis on drop-outs and vocationalization leading to gainful employment.
    I am presently involved in projects on strategizing interventions to mainstream the disadvantaged populations by way of income augmentation through skills and competencies.
    I would be very happy to hear comments of others and practical tips in acheiving my goals.

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  14. nabil

    i would like to develope a social challenge in my country.

  15. Ajala Adenike

    I am interested in making animal production in terms of nutrition a cheaperand affordable rate to farmers in the rural communities. Realy urgent.

  16. Mark Kofi

    I have already started a youth entrepreneurship program in Ghana and also co-founded an organization to help starting entrepreneurs in view of training and assistance in achieving their goals.

  17. True Pakistani

    Im aPakistani citizen and i have a plea to thu Us government to give funds wisely and check how they are spent.because most of the fund money is consumed by our greedy politicians,leaving none for developmental purposes and improving the conditions of the poor.The problems we are facing and the reason why we havent done any reasonable developments is all because of the corrupt government.no one is loyal with his country.We are in need of a good president who is loyal to his country like the founder of our nation Quaid-e-Azam who even though was suffering from cancer hid it from the people especially british.because if he had made it public then the british may have delayed the partion and may not have even made pakistan for the muslims.so i mean to say that his excellence is an example for all of us.the solution to everyproble is faithfulness to your work and religion.

  18. L

    For less than 90$,

    I’m on the verge to create the first meme, due to an astrophysic and quantic phenomenon during april the 9 to11th,

    Technically, the mood of the whole earthling humanity will be shifted due to this.

  19. Sylvia Henderson

    I am in the process of wading trough the paperwork of creating a non profit . This has given me more ideas than my brain can wrap around. I am hoping that I can find supporters and help here.

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  21. Jon Hoffman

    Reading this has turned me off to participating in Evoke. I just completed the “Act” portion of the power shift mission and the experience was great. I really liked the achievement stuff and the “powers” that you get points toward. However, I think most gamers are not entrepreneurs in any sense, nor do they want to be. They idea of organizing an event and being responsible for gathering either people or resources in order to solve a problem is very, very unappealing to me. It seems like this Evokation thing is kind of the main point of Evoke or its primary goal and this makes me feel like I can’t really participate unless I take on the entrepreneur role or find someone else who will.

    Wouldn’t it be better to connect entrepreneurs with the problem-solving gamer types using the internet? Then they can organize, and people like me could offer input and engage in the problem solving, similar to how a video game is. There are leaders and non-leaders, but the leaders aren’t the only important ones. Actually, the leaders aren’t usually the ones with the best ideas… they just KNOW the people with the best ideas. I don’t feel like participating further with Evoke, because this makes me feel like I’m not REALLY helping anything since I can’t be part of the main event.

  22. Yari Sandel


    I generally understand what you mean – there is a strong pressure to act and take on a potentially large responsibility. However, I think that there are different types of leaders that can fill different roles. Combined, these leaders could be looked at like teams, which also have the opportunity to compete! I’m trying to think of it as a ‘Guild’. Maybe you could find a team with similar interests as you, and then find a more suitable role that way.

    What are you interested in?

  23. Robert B. Lewis

    My Evokation will be to actually work at World Bank for 12-18 months. This will allow me to stay in VA a little longer. I could take a year off from the Department; telling them I am going to finish my book. WB is not that far from where I used to work. There is alot I could do or learn to do at WB.

  24. dpad

    looking to create prosperous environments from arid deserts for a global healing aid to food, water, and energy crises.

  25. Lola Clinton

    I am working to develop a permaculture food forest cooperative and training centre in southern belize. The aim is to support conservation and tree planting by teaching young unemployed people how to work together to grow food abundantly under the canopy to meet their own needs and supply local markets.

  26. mthokozisi

    easy just gether university student mostly those who do agricultare and ask them to do comminity work and help those kinds who are on the street and those unemployed to learn who to plot and food and a lots of stuff.bt it must be poeple who have care and willing to go all the way

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  28. Simon Spencer

    It almost sounds as though completing ALL the challenges are a requirement to an Evokation, which seems a bit biased.

    So I will be cracking on with those (rather than pursuing any ideas that are spawned from them) until May.

  29. Fred Itogoot

    Yeah Evokation is really a challenge one needs to get head on. Not for the meek or feint hearted. It requires guts, having the passion for the challenge. I want to embark on the idea that water is precious in our lives, major crises in future are likely to spring from the fact that water is ever getting scarcer and dwindling and yet we continue to waste it with abandon. There is need for action in that area.

  30. Urgent Evoke » Helping to EVOKE change in the lives of Women

    [...] things that are changing, and Cornelia herself has decided this is the area she wants to base her Evokation on. If you’re interested in joining forces with her, don’t hesitate to let her [...]

  31. John Hoelen

    I am very interested in promoting global awareness in schools. I want to do this by creating a planetary myth. A story that transcends race, religion and nationality and inspires young people globally to become involved in imagining their future on one planet. It is a program that i am currently working on and I can’t wait to get out there and do it. As a writer and dreamer I often miss the practical side of project development. I’m hoping a game like Evoke will inspire me by researching fellow innovators and seeing how they go about it. Great game. thx ever so much for all this inspiration

  32. Bonface Witaba

    Hey Evokation.Put me in.Am a youth activist/community mobiliser and educator determined to change my world by starting around me.

  33. ombajo misava edward

    Am in the process of developing an ICT training center that will address education for sustainable development in kenya.This center is being constructed with the support of a japanese friend called suwako.
    The centre will also promote japanese language and eco tour,ESD,Agriculture including tree planting,bee keeping and promotion of organic farming.
    I wish to welcome your total support as you visit the centre locate in kaimosi in western kenya now with 20 students studying computer.

  34. Tommie Hamaluba


    I am empowering students here in Botswana as Student Leaders Against Malaria (SLAM). The students go into the house holds to teach the people how to use the treated bednets and also teach them about malaria disease which has claimed more children in Africa.

    I also help the students raise treated nets which they ultimately donate to the deserving house holds. We have annual campaign every July in North Botswana where the disease is prevalent.

    I am interested to be in this EVOKE programme.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

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    [...] for help and her courage through this challenging process. To me, Ursula is showing exactly what an Evokation is all about: an idea, collaboration, courage and [...]

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    [...] Los jugadores más destacados tendrán derecho a recibir tutorías online con diversos innovadores sociales experimentados, capital semilla para crear empresas y viajes académicos para compartir su visión del futuro en la EVOKE Summit en Washington DC. (Más información sobre estos premios en este enlace.) [...]

  37. Reem

    I am really intrested to make education common in

    whole world because it is the main of all problems…

    I had started from my sorroundings…..

  38. Urgent Evoke » Resilient Heroes

    [...] and put them into the hands of mothers everywhere. Both of these challenges are great ideas for Evokations and you (yes, you) are invited to join [...]

  39. James Sudi

    This is hard, yet a great challenge. Indeed, it will be a great journey, but the fruits are worthwhile. My countrymen face two serious problems. These being corruption and poverty. This two have almost become the daily norm. My mission and wish would be to sensitize the youth about this issues. Am still figuring out the best remedy for this situation. In the meantime I just joined an organisation Kenyans for change (K4C). I believe that in this information era, our only weapon is knowledge. The youth today have a very great opprtunity to change their future and enjoy an almost flawless leadership tomorrow. The worlds amazing technologies have carried us by storm. I know very well that this technology is our solution to the issues affecting us.
    As I mentioned earlier, this is a tall order. A long mission indeed, but with our cooperation we can tackle this. Please my fellow evoke members help me in whatever way, achieve, not my mission, but make it your too.

  40. Urgent Evoke » Forge your EVOKE Legacy

    [...] on Evokations, which is to say, they are proposing ways to put an idea into action, with our help. You can read all about Evokations right here, and here’s what an Evokation might look like. A powerful element of the Evokation is its [...]


    I’m glad hearing the tremendous awards that awaits me on May 12.I will give the best i can to have it.

  42. Bernard Isidore

    The problems that we face in Africa can be attributed to just a single factor; illiteracy. Now, my position will be a subject of heated debate bearing in mind that corruption for instance is masterminded by our political elite who are not illiterates. Also, electoral fraud, urban pollution, poverty, demographic challenges, power problems, lack of visionary leadership, starvation, malaria, inadequate portable water, intergroup conflicts etc, are subsets of the challenges we face in Africa.

    My position is based on the premise that teaching a man how to fish is a much better panecea to his food crisis. Education is pivotal to the development of Nigeria, where I come from. The power brokers in Nigeria know that this is where the solution lies. They know that an enlightened citizenry is a threat to the status quo they strive so much to maintain. Also, they know deep down in their hearts that if Nigerians are given the right education, they will revolutionalize this country and Africa.

    Knowledge they say is power and we know only too well that the information we get through education is the source of that knowledge.

    There is no gain saying the need for an overhauling of our present academic curriculum in Nigeria. At the University Of Lagos, where I study, despite a faculty of sciences, the school can not guarantee a stable power supply. Thus the need for a pragmatic educational curriculum that address our social and environmental challenges.

    In Nigeria, university education is a luxury, reserved exclusively for those of us who are lucky that our parents could afford it. But, this need not be the case. With a foreign reserve of over 36 billion US dollars and a proposed plan to start a Sovereign Wealth Fund(SWF), university education should be a right of every Nigerian.

    I have an articulated outline that can help both the parents, financial institutions and the government help educate the youth, our future.

  43. Urgent Evoke » Evokation Clinic Live

    [...] wondering what on earth the EVOKATIONs are all about.  There is some information on EVOKATIONS in this blog post but no doubt this will raise as many questions as it provides [...]

  44. Andrew Anstrom

    Why would you make the Evokation during collegel Finals week!? Why!?

  45. Meira

    I would like to provide a community garden or an edible landscape for my community. And create an indigenous knowledge database where people can post all of their communities knowledge.

  46. Urgent Evoke » EVOKATIONS – FAQ!

    [...] What do I need to include in my EVOKATION? You can read about the format of the EVOKATION here! Most importantly: Your EVOKATION should answer ALL four key questions listed in the format. And if [...]

  47. ombajo misava edward

    1. The Place. Where will you make a difference? The community and institution where am teaching that is Chavakali high school. Describe the institution; chavakali high school which is a boy’s school with 1200 students. The school is a six streamed school in western province of Kenya. it is situated along kisumu –kakamega road.
    Community; The community involved is kaimosi,koibarak region where people are eager to be evoke into life issues where human rights and peace issues are to be imparted into these citizens.
    Town or other geographic or virtual space in which you will focus your efforts
    The community will in turn have to affect the other neighbouring communities like Musasa, serem, sabatia, shamakhokho.
    2. The Challenge.
    What will you aim to change, and for whom?
    The human resource-people (work force) in my community who are supposed to play their roles better in their assigned responsibility. This includes everyone who is holding any position of work in Koibarak Community.
    Highlight what is the need that you perceive and who will benefit from this change.
    The people here need to be educated on how to careful and diligently handle their duties to enable everyone live sustainably without compromising the environment. These people require knowledge and skills on sustainable development because this region is threatened with poverty, deforestation due to charcoal burning, disease among other issues.
    3. The Idea. Your solution – what is the action, product, service, project, change that you will initiate? Tell us how your idea will will succeed where others have failed.
    Have already sensitized this community on the need to live sustainably and have initiated an ESD center with four computers for internet service. Have bought a plot piece of land) which could act as a training ground.
    The training received will go along way in helping all the stakeholders in this project look at themselves a fresh and reorganize themselves using the available resources like land, food crops which are sold before maturity, and available forests.
    By the end of it resources will be preserved, people will live healthy lives on healthy diets; harmony will be exercised through peace education.
    This idea will succeed where others have failed because of the fact that it is a noble idea and society or people-driven. People realize the results and make headways.
    4. The Money. What would you do with your first US$1,000 given or invested in support of your vision?
    The first us US$1000, I will use it to publish handbills to send message to the people, invite them for open sessions on sustainable development education and then train them using the available manpower. I will also use the same money to make follow-up on the implementation of the learnt skills.

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