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EVOKE was developed by the World Bank Institute, the learning and knowledge arm of the World Bank Group, and directed by alternate reality game master Jane McGonigal.

Investigate the EVOKE trailer

Posted by Alchemy on 30 Jan under Videos

There are more than twenty clues in this video — can you spot them?

Investigate the trailer for secret facts about the EVOKE network: where it goes, how it works, who it helps, and the problems it solves. Share what you discover — or your best guesses — in the comments.

EVOKE trailer (a new online game) from Alchemy on Vimeo.

24 Responses to “Investigate the EVOKE trailer”

  1. chris

    this looks good… saw Rio Di Janeiro and Hollywood in there…

  2. Scott

    I thought the rooftop gardens were a nice touch.

  3. Gustavo

    And yes, it seems that the goal is to create “roof gardens”, planting “Citrus Sinensis” (http://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Citrus_%C3%97_sinensis). Also, they are using the CubeSat to gather information prior to plant this.

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    [...] paint Evoke as an ARG — be sure to pick up the 20+ hidden clues of the trailer — but, as an edugame, also use the reality as a sourcebook. Digging deeper [...]

  5. Juan Esteban

    Para solucionar un problema tienes que vivirlo, sentirlo, y comprender el medio en el que este se genera… las soluciones no son externas, están ocultas dentro del entorno, busca la manera de utilizar los recursos que rodean a la problemática para darle solución a la misma.

    Una problemática global nos lleva por ende a una solución global esto es que debemos a unir fuerza, ideas, recursos en un solo propósito dejando a un lado la individualidad y empezando a ser parte de un solo pensamiento “la solución”.

  6. Joshua Gofman

    The Reward poster in the video seems to say:


    What type of unusual activities? (Diverting food to the black market? Food speculation?)
    How big a reward? Doesn’t say.
    Why is part of the poster (the bowl with noodles and chopsticks) written in Japanese? What’s the connection to Japanese / Japan?

  7. Cedric Laridon

    I’m really excited about this game. Finally a game about the things that really matter;

  8. Sphaso

    The trailer says that this organization is been working for 10 years. So, the obvious question would be: what kind of crisis it solved in those ten years?
    We know it’s solving Tokyo food shortage
    Africa is mentioned
    Rio de Janeiro and Hollywood are depicted as Christ noticed already…
    at 00:29 we can see a red spot on a world map. I can’t tell where is it exactly, it looks near the north pole.

  9. Sofia

    The network seems to help the most needed and at same time the ones who ask to be helped in populated areas with not food, water or basic natural resources. Africa as a pattern, Asia as a consumer and not producer, South America as integral source of natural reserves and same time big population in Rio. Showing in Rio example of winds as a clean energy.
    While Brasil is one of the countries promoting and utilizing etanol, same time that type of energy is eating the food.
    People would have to grow their on food on roofs and houses.
    not food, africa as experience, Rio Janeiro, Japan, plague, destruction and disaster, we all can help, one can make difference, ambition are some of the keys I see.

  10. Gregg

    Anybody have any ideas on the Hollywood clip? It looks like it is flooding but that doesn’t seem likely from the flood maps of the area. I assume it must be wildfire.

    The African mission seems to be related to the growing urban areas and changing lifestyles in the area, assumingly intergrating their new way of life with their old way of life effectively.

    Sphaso: It seems that the red dot is from the map in the first mission, showing the Japan/ Tokyo area.

  11. Salocin

    at 1:09 there is a scene with two people walking through a garden of mature citrus trees saying, “I dont remember seeing [the trees] before.”

    citrus trees need ~ 10 years of growth before they start producing fruit in the quantities shown, so my question is how do we plant an orchard of fully grown trees without anyone noticing?

    maybe something along the lines of http://www.guerrillagardening.org/

    Also, where can we find the trees and equipment? How do we get people to help plant and maintain the trees?

  12. Mario

    why they have been working for ten years in africa? why africa? why would they keep their work in secret?
    The poster early mentioned about the reward and the japanesse plate, looks like it is on a metro station and they want to get more people (locals) involve in finding the solution
    the cube is a satellite that do some kind of dynamic models that can be used to see how the project it’s going to turn out.
    there’s a greenhouse
    There are citrus trees in the park, but are they in the roof gardens? maybe it’s another kind of food. The citrus trees are to big to be in a building roof, but tomatoes or other vegetables can easely be planted in roof gardens
    The red spot mentioned in one of the comments is on japan.
    maybe in epside four evoke team has to comfront a health problem (there’s a kid on a stretcher)
    In Rio there is a wind turbine to generate green electricity, maybe the shortage of energy is one of the problems to solve just like the fires in california, that’s why the hollywood sign appeared

  13. Jeff McNeill

    One common theme is small-scale solutions. The secret work can be done with small-scale but replicable solutions. Need to be inexpensive and low-technology, low energy, low resource needs to be accessible to individuals, particularly the poor.

  14. Leandro Leite

    The Unamed Girl seem to be a tougth girl, not just for work as mechanic but when apears “Courage” she apears.

  15. supamanu

    The poster at 0:17 has 4 characters at the bottom.

    I’m no expert, but I think characters 1, 3 and 4 is Kanji alphabet (used by the Chinese and Japanese). I think they stand for Water, Forest and Foot. Character 2 looks different, which is odd, in any case I can’t make anything of it.

    Any native speakers in here? We need your help.

  16. Jofga

    Is this limited to English language? That works fine for me – but we are missing massive human capital if we only tap into English.

  17. Alchemy

    The first season of EVOKE is being produced in English, and we hope to support localized versions in future seasons.
    In the meantime, we are supporting volunteer translation efforts with transcripts of all videos and scripts for all graphic novel episodes.

  18. Jordan

    Intrigued by license plate “UAD 706Z” from trailor- only found one lead which only inspired an understanding of the trailer, and its 20-odd clues:


    UAD = “Universal Atomic Disintegrator”…a program that decomposes the content of a file by
    1. “infallibly identifying it” by directly examining its contents, without prior assumptions as to its nature
    2. then, decomposes the hidden code it into its smallest divisible parts, despite “encapsulating encryption”, in order to accomplish ” proper pattern analysis”
    3. finally, UAD accomplishes this accross multiple programing “languages” and accounts for the occurance of problemsolving at diffferent junctures within the system as a whole by designating the UAD “problemsolvers” as seperate and primary in their unique role…which helps to control disorganization/disinformation within the system being analyzed

    may or may not be relevant…

    No clue about 706Z…searched for a bit but was dissatisfied with results…

  19. Gadiraju Lakshmi Narasimhan

    A very inspiring video indeed !!!

    I will certainly contemplate and update my views on this video.

    Hoping to see more such videos.

  20. Dpad

    sounds fun

  21. Jessica Ward

    In the trailer at 1:09 the sign says CITRUS SINENSIS. Sinensis means in Latin, of china, or Chinese. The top corner says Hiriya Farm. Hiriya is a waste dump south east of Tel Aviv, Israel. They are doing major work on “biological waste purification method” and are trying to turn some of the land into Ayalon Park, it will be one of the world’s largest urban parks.

  22. David Jamshidka

    The crisis that I found on this video were Iran’s nuclear pursuant, Central Africa problem between Central African Republic and rebel groups, wild fires in Southern California, also North Korea’s hunger and nuclear bomb making problems, in Japan having local entrepreneurs to get involved with farming , and the of high rise buildings, networking between the nations and worldwide problem solving, using natural recourses to build a better world, mass migrations, educating young people about nature and everyday life.
    Looking for people with ideas to solve problems.
    Healthcare for every human been all around the world healthy people have healthy minds.
    Sample of simple ways to solve world’s energy problem one family at the time in Brazil.

  23. buffyb

    I think hidden in here is our Secret Mission I just can’t find it can anyone?

  24. Poediadiamced

    I liked reading your blog ~ thanks for posting such cool material.

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