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EVOKE was developed by the World Bank Institute, the learning and knowledge arm of the World Bank Group, and directed by alternate reality game master Jane McGonigal.

EVOKE director Jane McGonigal explains the game on CNN

Posted by Alchemy on 17 Feb under Behind the scenes

Curious about the EVOKE game? Find out more in this video on CNN.

You can also read more about the EVOKE game on CNN in this feature story: Online game seeks to empower Africa.

4 Responses to “EVOKE director Jane McGonigal explains the game on CNN”

  1. Wilson P. Dizard III

    Greetings from Jenifer St. in Washington D.C:

    Hi…and…looking at Evoke…raised the immediate question: who does the Red Team here.

    I’m not a government employee, or an online gamer, nor do I have a long-term or commercial interest in creating games for either training or recreation.

    But….my understanding has been, that in the world of gaming and simulation, for decades before the application of computer technology to these problems, one of the most important ways to create a realistic environment was to have both a “God” to answer challenges to the game rules, and a Red Team that would set out to foil the worthy goals of the Blue Team, friendly participants.

    I wish you all the possible luck and success in propagating this game, and I look forward to playing, as time allows.

    However, I recall vividly in my work as a reporter writing a story about how the impact of a severe hurricane on New Orleans had just been gamed about three weeks before the Katrina Hurricanes quit, only about 200 miles North of New Orleans, in a bid to train various groups of first responders and government officials.

    I really do mean, good luck. I am not trying to be arch and I am holding back various adages about reform.


    How about modifying the game to include a Red Team….sort of like include “short sellers” in a stock market simulation.

    More later on the salubrious role of short sellers, if you don’t already know about it.

    Best, Wilson

  2. Christian

    It would be great to see a game designer win a Nobel Prize.


    Evoke to me means the world because it is more like an archive where lads can share, impart and access information which is beneficial to both individual and corporate sphere thus my vision and by so doing it will be embracing the notions of great leaders like Barrack Obama who said”we live in a mist of change” as this information will lead to adaptation of turbulence.

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    [...] McGonigal tossed out a statement that resonates with every molecule of what I hope to do.  She predicts a game designer could win the Nobel Peace Prize sometime in the next few decades. Not so much a Nobel prize – but rather I’d like to be part of creating a wellness/health [...]

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