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EVOKE was developed by the World Bank Institute, the learning and knowledge arm of the World Bank Group, and directed by alternate reality game master Jane McGonigal.

Welcome EVOKE Mentors!

Posted by Alchemy on 28 Feb under Uncategorized

So you want to help change the world… in 15 minutes a week?

We have the perfect job for you: Become an EVOKE mentor.

Anyone can be a mentor. If you have life experience with creativity, or technology, or business, or sustainability, or community organizing, or just solving tough problems, YOU have insight to share.

Here’s how to become an EVOKE mentor:
1) Sign up for the EVOKE network
2) Make a promise to yourself to visit the EVOKE network as often as you can, between now and May 12.

Every time you visit the EVOKE network, try to complete at least one mentor mission.

Each mission takes just a few minutes – but it can have a huge impact. Your feedback and words of advice can help an EVOKE agent stay motivated and optimistic. You can inspire an EVOKE agent to stick with the tough challenges of social innovation long enough to really make a difference.

And to help you keep track of the agents you’re mentoring, try the MENTOR DASHBOARD, created by EVOKE agents Nathaniel Fruchter and Lauren Soffer.

Here are some starter mentor missions. You can tackle them in any order, and complete them as many times as you want.
Feel free to invent your own mentor missions – and share instructions here in the comments for others to adopt.

Browse the EVOKE agent directory and find at least one player YOU want to mentor. (You can mentor as many players as you want.)
Add the agent as your friend.
Leave a wall comment for your agent introducing yourself!

They say that “a mentor is someone whose hindsight becomes your foresight.” So share some words of wisdom with your agent. Leave a comment on your agent’s wall, with a piece of wisdom or practical advice you wish you’d known earlier in life

Drop by to see how your agent is doing. Leave some positive feedback on their wall, or send them a private message of support.

As you get to know your agent, share links to articles, videos, or websites you think your agent should know about.

Check to see if your agent has uploaded any videos, photos, or blog posts. (They’re listed on your agent’s profile page.) Take a look at their hard work – and vote to award your agent +1 of any EVOKE power for each piece of evidence they submit. (Learn more about Powers here.) Leave a comment while you’re at it, and give them feedback on their work.

Tell the whole EVOKE network how proud you are of your agent. Visit your “My Profile” page to brag about your agent’s latest work. In the “How are you evoking today?” box, add a status update raving about your agent’s latest blog post, video, or photo. Include a link!
While you’re at it, why not tell the whole word? Tweet or Facebook status update about your agent and invite everyone you know to admire their social innovation efforts.

Introduce your agent to a friend or colleague who you think could be a potential collaborator or helpful contact in the future. Send a private message with a link to your contact’s Facebook profile, or share your contact’s email address (with your contact’s permission, of course!)

We’ll add more Mentor Missions as the game develops – so check back often.
Or, if you invent your own Mentor Mission, add it in the comments.

* * *

Want to get the most out of your Mentor experience?
Choose a day of the week, like “Mentor Tuesdays”. Make that YOUR day to mentor each week.
Or pick a time of day, like “2:22 EVOKE time”, and set a calendar alert or alarm to remind you to drop by the network every day. How many days in a row can you stop, drop and mentor?

Invite your co-workers, Twitter followers, or Facebook friends to mentor with you. Send out a message or status update each week to remind them everyone to visit their EVOKE agent and complete a mentor mission.

There’s an EVOKE agent out there just waiting for YOU to help them develop confidence, make connections, and become capable of changing the world.

33 Responses to “Welcome EVOKE Mentors!”

  1. Dan Cass

    I’m excited to see how EVOKE goes and hope I make the grade as a mentor…

  2. Simon Brookes

    I’m excited too Dan – it’s going to be amazing! If I can help, please pop by my profile page and drop me a message.


  3. stefano

    “Your membership to Urgent Evoke is pending approval”…
    Do I have to complete some more informational step?


  4. Alchemy

    All pre-registrations will be approved on March 3, the day the game begins!
    No further action is necessary until then.

  5. Jeff Brain

    I’m hoping to get a number of my middle school students involved with this project. Will be at CUE during the kickoff though.

  6. TWiP 1: Urgent Evoke

    [...] Urgent Evoke mentor program [07:33] [...]

  7. Nadia

    This is great!!! I hope I’ll be a good mentor!!!

  8. jocelyne Ntabindi

    i am so exciting to see how evoke is working. it seems like interesting game. hope i will be a best mentor. thanks

  9. ziyanda waqu

    i think this is intresting hope ill be a gr8 mentor

  10. ziyanda waqu

    hope i make a gr8 mentor@ the very same time am willing to learn

  11. Javie Ssozi

    Really interesting! Now, stuck between two choices to make.
    Whether to be an agent or a mentor!
    I kinda would love both!
    But I cant mentor ma self of course.
    I ma have to close ma eyes and pick!! :)
    Go Evoke!!!!

  12. Unathi

    This is gana be Evoking experience….

  13. mpumi

    i cant wait to start with the mission but if i can unlock them

  14. mpumi

    am so excitet to be a member i cant wait to start can i gt da mission startet

  15. Alchemy

    A new mission will unlock every Wednesday just before midnight.
    If you achieve all three mission objectives, and finish your quest, you may find your efforts best spent working with the Investigation Files and discussions.

  16. CJ

    I’m really sure what I’m doing yet, but I’m hoping to learn along the way. Hoping in the process I’m able to be a good mentor!

  17. Emile

    Mentor!!!!! let’s see how to become a great one!!

  18. Jake Baird

    Thank you for accepting my Mentorship. I will promise to track my agents and provide appropriate feedback.

  19. Patricio Buenrostro Gilhuys

    I would like to mentor some members from all over the World! I just sent my first message offering my mentorship.

  20. nabil

    I hope participate in resolving intresting question arround the world!

  21. Dolores Lindsay

    Awesome post this will really help me!

  22. Pradip Dey

    I will feel priviledged to have this role.

  23. Lea Esterhuizen

    Just registered as an agent, though had to change my birthdate to do so cos while website says anyone anywhere can play, I was told I was ineligible. But when I said born in 1990, the doors opened. Lectured in human rights and worked as director of research for UnLtd which is a big foundation in the UK and India which supports social entrepreneurs. So been on the mentoring side of the fence, and was keen to get stuck in with doing myself! Hope this is okay?

  24. Erica R.

    I am a 7th & 8th grade teacher using this with one of my classes. I would LOVE a mentor to help me figure this out!

  25. Madeline Brownstone

    I’m trying to set it up so I can mentor my 75 young 7th graders. I have “adopted” more than 30 of them, but I only see 18 on the manage agents list. Some that do not appear on that list, do show up on the manage activity page. I would like to see a list somewhere to confirm I’ve included all of them. (Have not included all 75 yet)
    Thank you.

  26. Madeline Brownstone

    I’m seeing another problem. When the page claims to be displaying feeds for the links below are not at all related to the students I am following. Not even remotely related.

  27. Simon Anthony

    I have just found Evoke, after watching the TED 20 minutes. I signed up at once – after I stopped shouting Wow and stuff. Now, having read more I’d like to be a mentor.
    I teach international students, many from Africa at Nottingham Trent University as part of the NTIC.
    Also, I have stood for election as an many times for the Greens over the last 20 or so years.
    I hope I can help here too.
    It would be great if my inventions could actually be built by someone !

  28. Casey Sears

    I’m a teaching assistant at the College of William and Mary in VA, USA. My studies are focused on activism, community engagement, and networking. Currently I’m working on a national campaign for LGBT rights, and I’m trying to pass on the skills I have as an organizer to my students.

    I’m more than happy to help mentor people on here as well. I’m definitely going to use my strengths as a researcher and leader here to the best of my ability.

  29. Sarah Shaw Tatoun

    One of my fellow players has asked me to be her mentor. Is there a formal application process to become a mentor or can I just do it? And if there’s no formal process can I ask anyone I want to mentor me?

  30. Kristin Wisneski

    I’m a research assistant at the University of Arizona in Tucson. I currently work on a USDA-funded project called Stealth Health that aims to use mobile technologies to encourage physical activity and increase nutritional knowledge. Many of the applications developed and used in our project capitalize on the GPS (Global Positioning System) integrated into many smartphones. Activities like mapping, geocaching, and gps drawing and the results from each are shared through a social website where youth can post and comment. Posting and contributing results in points gained and incentives achieved. I REALLY LIKE EVOKE! and look forward to learning more by being a mentor….late in the game, but I’m here now :)

  31. Paul

    Hey people I just wanted to ask some of you go to http://www.helphaitinow.org and give money to help out the people of Haiti. Thanks…

  32. Buffyb

    I now have the time to branch out and become a mentor. It was important to me that I don’t take on something I can’t finish but I’m ready now, and have decided to take on one person because I know I can manage that.

    I already am a mentor in real life and know how important it is. I know it’s late in the game but I’m a believer it’s never to late to do something good in life.

    Heck, I was already supporting and leaving encouraging comments for the person I chose I may as well make it official.

  33. Rik van Vugt

    Anyone want to mentor me? I need the motivation, otherwise I won’t do anything :S

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