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EVOKE was developed by the World Bank Institute, the learning and knowledge arm of the World Bank Group, and directed by alternate reality game master Jane McGonigal.

Who created EVOKE, and why?

Posted by Alchemy on 09 Mar under Behind the scenes, News

Hello EVOKE Agents,

As you explore the EVOKE network, you may wonder: Who created it, and why?

The EVOKE network has its own origin story – just as all of you have yours.

EVOKE was created by The World Bank Institute as a direct response to African demands – namely, universities’ request to develop ideas to engage students in real world problems and to develop capacities for creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship.  Developing nations face steep challenges, and resources in these areas can be limited.  These challenges demand the most robust and innovative of solutions.

EVOKE was also conceived as a crash-course in changing the world.  It is a chance to showcase the kind of resourceful innovation and creative problem-solving that is happening today in sub-Saharan Africa and other developing regions, and to collectively imagine how the lessons from those scenarios can transfer, scale, and ultimately benefit the entire planet.

The World Bank Institute, the capacity-building arm of the World Bank, is a global connector of knowledge, learning and innovation for poverty reduction. One of its objectives is to create new platforms for learning, and knowledge exchanges to help practitioners construct their own development solutions and innovative approaches.

EVOKE is such a platform for open innovation. It is designed to support new ideas and collaboration, not to push existing solutions.

We very much look forward to the next nine weeks of this adventure and the incredible possibility that you will EVOKE. Good luck in realizing your visions for the future you want to make.

6 Responses to “Who created EVOKE, and why?”

  1. SC Spaeth

    Thank you for sharing this context for your work. It helps to clarify some of the design choices you have made. I really appreciate your call for open innovation driven by passionate agents and mentors:

    “EVOKE is such a platform for open innovation. It is designed to support new ideas and collaboration, not to push existing solutions.”

  2. Buffy Bye

    My thanks to you Alchemy and your teams behind the scenes to make Evoke happen.

    I am learning so much, it has motivated me to learn more and do more.

    I try to explain to people who don’t know about Evoke that this is not a game, but it is my actions that will tell all.

    I look forward to Evoke2 as you’ve started something so fantastic it can’t just end.


    I would like to thank the entire Evoke team for this wonderful opportunity giving to youths to creat their tommorow.

  4. Greg Hoover

    Alchemy… a question… will Evoke start again after May 12? I would like to use it in some classes that I teach, but not sure how to plan or what to expect in the future.

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  6. Pepin Lachance

    I realy dig this site. I think it has so much potential to make a positive impact on the world. I would like to see it become more game like. You all have my best wishes for trying to think outside of the box in terms of solving these problems. It seems far too often people with alot of money/power/education seem to discount the problem solving skills. It is nice to see this trend starting to reverse here.

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