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EVOKE was developed by the World Bank Institute, the learning and knowledge arm of the World Bank Group, and directed by alternate reality game master Jane McGonigal.

We can be heroes

Posted by Calida DeBello on 12 Mar under Heroes of the Week, People and Ideas

Every week we honor a few people who have made a difference to EVOKE as Heroes of the Week. I’ll say right now the process is not an orderly one (especially not with so many people making so many contributions! And we are so few). There’s no set path to become one; it’s definitely not who earned more points or even who was most brilliant (although these can help). Instead, it’s mysterious: who said just the right thing? Asked an unforgettable question?

Two very important things to remember about the Heroes of the Week: first, they are a link in a chain. These agents were inspired by someone else and maybe built on what someone else said, and we hope in turn they will inspire others. Second, this is just the first week: nine more to go, plenty of time to earn your Hero badge. So, agents, are you ready?This week our Heroes come in pairs.

First Hero Pair: LEVERAGING KNOWLEDGE – Agent Stewart Berntson and Ask A Librarian. Stewart Berntson of Canada represents a long, long list of agents who have knowledge important to EVOKE and are sharing it. Ask A Librarian (accepting the award for AAL will be Agent Fiacre O’Duinn, also of Canada) is a fabulous idea and discussion that’s resulted in this simple form anyone can fill out to get knowledge.

Second Hero Pair: PLANS AND DREAMS – Agent Ssozi Javie and Agent Elena Ricolfi. Ssozi Javie of Uganda represents all of  you for whom EVOKE is a starting point, a call to a journey; you may be inspired by the heroes you shadow to take a first step. Elena Ricolfi of Italy speaks to the other side: the future we cannot see yet must follow.

Third Hero Pair: CALL, LISTEN – Agent Andrew (Gan) and Agent Amarjeet Singh. Andrew of the USA put out a simple call that sparked an outpouring of discussion, collaboration and and energy toward action. In just a few words, Amarjeet Singh of India added the last necessary ingredient: respect for the creativity and wisdom that are already at work.

Fourth Hero Pair: GAME YOUR LIFE – Agent Amanda Jeffrey and Agent Elastika. Amanda Jeffrey of the USA proposed GAME1, a well-thought-out collaborative exploration of EVOKE Superpowers, plus a real-world food-growing challenge that the gamers among us really appreciated. After reading hundreds of Evidence pieces, Elastika (Eva) of Slovenia taught us the REAL game, with three simple rules: “Act, Reflect, Improve.”

Fifth Hero Pair: LET US SEE YOU – Agent Bruce Haynes of South Africa and Agent Ronald Kasendwa of Uganda. Bruce Haynes’s video let us see him as he truly is – halfway into the future already and bursting with ideas for connection and collaboration. An inspiration! Well done, Bruce. Ronald Kasendwa’s simple video tells his story an entirely different way: we need others to truly see ourselves.

So there you are: ten heroes for Week One of EVOKE. A very thin slice, really, of all that is wonderful and heroic about our Network.

I leave you with this thought: “There are people on here from all over, from wealthy to poor, from social outcast to the center of the popularity universe. Serious people, silly people, brilliant people, and beautiful people. And each and everyone of us is going to approach a problem differently, to attack it with unique strategies. This game has been designed so that YOU CHOOSE the impact you have on the end result.” Marvelous words, and not by us: thank you, Agent Kimberlynne Fox, for your post.

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  1. Pradip Dey

    Truly, all are important in the society–both optimists and pessimist: while optimists built aeroplane, the pessimist invented parachute.

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