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EVOKE was developed by the World Bank Institute, the learning and knowledge arm of the World Bank Group, and directed by alternate reality game master Jane McGonigal.

The Emerging Pattern of our Web

Posted by Joshua Judkins on 13 Mar under People and Ideas, Power Reports

Spiderweb Pattern

“One great mystery in science is exactly how spiders know what pattern to weave.

Rupert Sheldrake cites studies in which spider eggs were completely isolated from their mothers and hatched. The buggers weave the exact same species-specific web that spiders not isolated from mothers weave.

So, the web-weaving strategy of spiders must be encoded in their body plan somehow.” – Cameron Michael Keys

When reading through the discussion of this week’s Code Phrase, this comment immediately captured my imagination.

The past week and a half has seen a wealth of contributions and discussions around Social Innovation, entrepreneurship and changing the world. So many of us who may have otherwise never met are connecting, sharing and joining forces.

We’re combining our knowledge, our curiosity and our abilities in a context that most of us never have before – we are like spiders who have never been taught how to weave a web.

So my question to you is this:
What does our species-specific web pattern look like?

I would hazard to say that over the coming weeks we’ll get at least a glimpse. Even now you can see the beginnings of it, and if you haven’t already you can help to build and connect the strands.

We have begun to share, comment and encourage.
The volume of powerful and insightful contributions which have already come in is astounding. If you’re not quite sure where to start here, one of the best things you can do is see what ideas and responses have been posted just now. Read what others are sharing, power vote for it and perhaps even let them know your thoughts about it.

We have begun to organize our information.
Andrew Perry
started the EVOKE Wiki after it was suggested in a discussion forum. Anyone is welcome to edit the Wiki and add information – if you’re keen to help, but not sure where to start, register your interest on Andrew’s Community Collaboration Building Project post.

We have begun to organize ourselves.
Within two days of its launch,  Raymond M. Kristiansen started EVOKE’s first Guild. It was soon followed by the creation of a Maker’s Guild, as well as an Education Guild which has teamed up with Calling All Teachers! If you’re interested in specifically teaming up with other Agents, check out the Guilds Wiki page. If you don’t see one that seems right, why not start one yourself? Write a blog post about it and add it to the Wiki!

We have begun to offer our expertise.
One of the most striking instances of this so far is Ask a Librarian – envisioned and created by Fiacre O’Duinn. It’s a service powered by volunteers who will help you find resources to assist any EVOKE projects you are working on. If you would like to donate your time to the project, let them know. If you have a skill you’d like offer to the community, let us all know about it!

We have begun to be inspired to act.
After Reid Falconer wrote about his vision of founding and managing an Ecovillage, Jen Shaffer suggested he find one near his home and blog about it. Sure enough, it turned out there is one 30 minutes from where he lives – and he went ahead and visited it! Have you come across anything on EVOKE that has caught your imagination? Perhaps it’s time to see if there are any groups nearby you who are already active…

Obviously the key phrase here is that we have begun. These are just a few examples from only a few ways in which our web is forming. I would love to hear about the patterns that you have seen emerging, and the examples that have caught your eye.

I look forward to continuing to weave this web with you in the coming weeks, and beyond!


2 Responses to “The Emerging Pattern of our Web”

  1. buffyb

    What does our species-specific web pattern look like you ask? I think it’s connected dots connecting dots connecting dots, an endless web of connectvity.

    Right now we’re still building the web (Network) so some of the strands are loose or not connected (Agents to other Agents) but it is slowly coming to self-organization and there’s a lot of tightening going on (new blogs specific to topics such as the New Agent Rest Stop).

    I think over time it will have formed into a very tight circle with flutterings when new users arrive to find their ‘people’.

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