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EVOKE was developed by the World Bank Institute, the learning and knowledge arm of the World Bank Group, and directed by alternate reality game master Jane McGonigal.

Investigate Episode 3

Posted by Alchemy on 17 Mar under Investigation Files

Get the facts behind the story. Make yourself an expert.
And discover the twelve secrets of Episode Three…

1. What are favelas?

2. How do favelas get power today?

3. Who is William Kamkwamba?

4. How do I build my own windmill?

5. Are there really power-generating dance floors?

6. Are there really pedal-power sound systems?

7. What’s open source design?

8. How do solar balloons work?

9. What does ‘brigado’ mean?

10. Will most us make our own electricity in the future?

11. What are some creative African solutions to making more personal energy?

12. How else could we light up Africa?

Keep the investigation going…
Did you spot other clues about the future in Episode Three? Post them here!
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19 Responses to “Investigate Episode 3”

  1. simon

    It looks to me that third world countries are going through different evolution cycle than the rest of the world. And that’s a GOOD thing.
    Use what you have at hand.
    No water? Use dew collectors (or make your own)
    No electricity? Make windmills
    But you also have to be connected to the social network. Maybe someone somewhere has already invented something useful
    So the future is not in gigantic grids but in smaller, individual needs of households which will become more self-sufficient by providing their own electricity, water, food

  2. Maria Pedro

    “Brigado” means “thank you”

  3. Hayden D. Linder

    It seems like what the future hlds for us, is us taking care of each other.

  4. Florian

    ‘Personal energy’ makes for very heartwarming and romanticised headlines and newsflashed, as do most myths surrounding the favelas, thereby disregarding the large problems of inequality, lack of democracy and lack of personal security in these neighbourhoods. Although such initiatives are essential to build and develop communities, they should not be seen as signs of progress and development but instead as signs of desperate struggle to meet basic needs.

    ‘Personal energy’ is not a lasting strategy for development, but a way to keep people busy by improving their lives; it does not build a democracy or an economy.

  5. Robert B. Lewis

    Alchemy good to see the EVOKE network looking at open source software on the front end. Secret organizations should always use open source software as this gives you access to the Kernel. This allows developers access to the OS source code for application development. To think you can order/use Microsoft or Sun operating systems and keep your organization off the radar screen is a joke. The Citizen X group and shadow Journalist will always be a pain the butt. Secure voice and data solutions must be put in place before EVOKE goes live. Encryption devices must be used on all voice and data circuits, i.e… Satellite phones, cell phones, switches, routers, VOIP, and video teleconferencing. Encryption algorithms should be open source as well, you don’t need to spend a dime on development and application testing. Open source PKI should be used as well and all email digitally signed and encrypted. The 2600 organization should be your one stop shop for open source application development and testing. Lately there has been an increase in IT technicians and engineers thrown in jail due to undercover sting operations. Prisoners could be used to write/develop application software for EVOKE! Write good code/apps and you can have a private room and shower. Install a back door or forget to lock down a port or socket and its back to gen-pop with no computer. I installed Ubuntu Linux and Open Office 3.1 this morning on an old notebook PC just for fun! As the economy worsen the EVOKE organization should be able to buy (Cash only and in Euros) workstations/servers/switches and routers at fire sale prices from companies going under. This way you don’t have to order equipment from Dell, Juniper, Cisco and HP directly. This makes it real hard to follow the money trail. Any purchase requisition over a certain dollar amount might get attention. What do they teach you in CISSP class? If you don’t have physical security you don’t have security! EVOKE servers and networking gear should be placed on off shore oil platforms that have submarine fiber attached. If a unit goes down, a technician gets on a Gulf Stream and catches a helicopter to perform maintenance. Ok that’s all for now got to wash dishes and clean the house, feed the baby etc… Chow
    PS: Haiti would be a great place to field test off grid power equipment/hardware. World Bank could coordinate the deployment of solar balloons and windmills with MINUSTAH on the ground!


    Cool links:

    Songs for Mission 3:

  6. Alieta

    It seems clear that connection and access to open source design informations is vital for all regions. The jump start that this can provide for developing nation is primary in aiding their efforts to be independent, inovative and sustanible. A lot of work can be done by just making all the information available, this gives the people the knowledge at the point of the problem, the ultimate opportunity to cooperate in sustanible design initiatives at a key moment in global development.

  7. Robert B. Lewis

    These tools could be used to help EVOKE Agents world wide:




  8. isabella mori (@moritherapy)

    i find it interesting that the topic’s name is “lighting up africa”. i know what it means – light stands for electricity or even more generally for any sort of energy. however, what’s more important than light is the energy needed for cooking. so much gets destroyed with traditional ways of cooking. we all know about the destruction of valuable pockets of forest for wood used for cooking. what is less known – or at least were not known to me until a few months ago – are the terrible health effects of cooking over an open fire, both fired by kerosene and wood. the constant exposure to smoke has a devastating effect on people’s lungs. i’ve recently been quite excited by the efforts people make to remedy this – e.g. http://www.carbonpositive.net/viewproject.aspx?projectID=2

  9. Ari Tatian

    It is interesting to note the various strategies and options available in furthering sustainable livelihood structures, especially in developing countries. However, an important question poses itself: are developing countries really capable of adopting alternative or revolutionary policies that would enhance their living conditions?

  10. Agent Langmack

    Jeremy Rivkin got mentioned in one post with a quote. His vision for our energy future is very interesting and innovative:


  11. Rhona Polonsky

    After living in Indonesia for 17 years, I have seen some incredibly creative and ingenious initiatives. They are simple and make a difference in people lives. The simple food cart that goes around the neighborhoods here are called kaki lima=five feet. Two are wheels, one is the post to balance the cart when it isn’t moving and two more are the feet of the person pushing it. These carts contain cooking gas, and much more. The wonders of simple inventions never cease to amaze me here.
    We will be leaving Indonesia in June and are moving to Ghana, where I learned that 65% of the population do not have electricity from the grid.
    found on the video on http://www.lightingafrica.org/

  12. FujairahMan

    People already use solar energy to disinfect polluted drinking water. It’s a useful trick that everyone should know in case of emergencies.

  13. Brandon Cline

    FujairahMan – great site! SODIS seems amazingly simple and applicable across the world.

  14. Gaz Mataz

    Please can we make sure not to link to things that are geo blocked? link 3 links to the daily show which is not available in all regions. This is supposed to be an international game, not an American one.


  15. DSW

    Making our own electricity – I think its an amazing idea. The company Tremont Electric (www.greenpower.com) has come up with a device that, similar to the kinetic flashlight, uses the energy of movement to power your mobile devices. Even cooler than this, I think, are their wave energy converters (WEC’s). There will actually be farms of WEC’s setup a couple miles from the shoreline off of lakes that will convert the energy of crashing waves into usable energy for us.

    - Fewer centralized energy production facilities, so hopefully pollution and carbon footprint would be reduced
    - More forms of energy production is good in itself, since its estimated we’ll need 60% more power in 2030 than we use today.

    - Expensive (at least at the beginning of this technology). The nPower Peg to charge mobile devices is starting at $149 – not cheap.
    - Energy delivery potential is nowhere near coal/fossil fuel burning…yet

    Its a very exciting field though, I’m looking forward to see how this technology will develop in the near future. The marketing of this technology is going to be key.

  16. nomadHAR

    perhaps we should also be looking at the ROOT of the problem.

    13. what can we do to reduce our power usage and conserve the resources we have?

    14. what problems could occur if the current power usage continues to grow at the current rate?

  17. Robert B. Lewis

    You can generate energy during a work!!


  18. Robert B. Lewis

    From Detroit to Denmark, the power of the pedal is generating electricity and energy conservation awareness.

    At a homeless center in Michigan, residents work out on 10 specially outfitted bicycles that send power back into the building. Female inmates at an Arizona jail take turns on a stationary bike to power their TV to watch their favorite soap operas. And this week, an upscale Copenhagen hotel began offering free dinners to guests who sweat it out on power-generating cycles.


  19. Robert B. Lewis

    Ezekiel 39 (Amplified Bible) :
    9 And [when you, Gog, are no longer] they who dwell in the cities of Israel shall go forth and shall set on fire and burn the battle gear, the shields and the bucklers, the bows and the arrows, the handspikes or riding whips and the spears; and they shall burn them as fuel for seven years,

    10 So that My people shall take no firewood out of the field or cut down any out of the forests, for they shall make their fires of the weapons. And they shall despoil those who despoiled them and plunder those who plundered them, says the Lord God.

    Alchemy I guess you need to read Ezekiel chapters 38 & 39 to get the entire picture of what’s going on. The internal combustion engine is a form of fire is it not? One of our Agents posted the tire to fuel/oil article linked in below. I shave my head with razor blades made from the high quality steel of old Navy Ships and Aircraft Carriers. Parts of the USS New York were made with steel recovered from the World Trade Centers. My question to you and the others is how much weapons to fuel technology is out there? Can you make money by investing in this industry. In Ezekiel’s War EVOKE will be helping both sides; the same resource pool; the same networks; used by the same people; to achieve different ends at different times. Just like in Episode 9; the reporter is used by both Alpha and EVOKE for different reasons at the same time. Alchemy you call this an Alliance. He is a double agent and doesn’t even know it!! What’s funny is he doesnt think he is being controlled. Thats just the nature of THE BEAST! Anyway chat when you get a chance boss, chow.

    PS: The Roman Centurion and the Three Wise men (Maggi) all had some sort of knowledge management/database/intelligence system. They knew who was going to be born where, when, how and why. EVOKE has allot better information management system then they had!! That will be the topic of my next email to you Brother Alchemy.





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