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EVOKE was developed by the World Bank Institute, the learning and knowledge arm of the World Bank Group, and directed by alternate reality game master Jane McGonigal.

Investigate Episode Four

Posted by Alchemy on 24 Mar under Investigation Files

Get the facts behind the story. Make yourself an expert.
And discover the twenty secrets of episode four…

1. How does climate change lead to flooding?

2. What global cities are most at risk of flooding?

3. Which African cities are most at risk of flooding?

4. How do people typically react during floods and water shortages?

5. How do floods lead to cholera outbreaks?

6. What does this mean? “Get excited and make things.”

7. What’s fabbing?

8. What are some real fabbing communities?

9. Is fabbing a superpower?

10. What are all those fabrication tools?

Is that a laser cutter?

A vinyl cutter?

An alpha lathe?

A confocal microscope?

A 3D printer?

11. What does this mean? “The best way to help solve a problem is to do what you love.”

12. What are OLEDs?

13. How do they work?

14. Could you really make a hydrocapillary power system? How might it work?

15. What are organic vapor jet printers?

16. What happened in the Volta Basin?

17. What’s a LifeStraw?

18. What building did they use for the projections?

19. How do you project onto glass windows?

20. Where can I keep up with real news headlines about water crises?

Keep the investigation going…
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5 Responses to “Investigate Episode Four”

  1. Reem N Bsaiso

    Climate change leads to flooding, human and assets lots, but more so shortage and soon, complete depletion of water in many more countries that are threatended, such as where I live, and in deserts. Renewable clean energy, inclusive solar systems, can decrease global warming, green house effect and reduce flooding on one hand, and can create energy to desalinate water or other methods to have potable water. While crisis managmened and community structured strategies in place can deal with immediate crisis, long term measures are reliant on cross-borders cooperation amont countries, utelization of clean energy and mostly massive creative of awareness creating involvement.

  2. Robert B. Lewis

    What is the EVOKE network hiding? There hiding the fact that the United Nations is under resourced. Truthers; one World Government will not come out of the UN. When the Western economic system collapses funding for non-profit/prophet humanitarian missions will collapse as well. Notice in episode one that EVOKE gets 50% of the profits/prophets and none of the blame…credit. In episode three EVOKE members are told to make certain the profits/prophets are invested back into the network. For Quinn every instance of human $uffering is an opportunity to maximize profits/prophets for EVOKE. I noticed the UN was under resourced while working the disaster in Haiti. MINUSTAH’s operations center was destroyed during the initial quake; that made UN personnel victims of the tragedy as well. Heavy lift operations like establishing the air bridge, repairing the ports and getting food into the country had to be done by the US, NGO’s and the International community. When the time comes to EVOKE; you’d better have your digital currency ready! We won’t even bother to cover topics like passports, work permits, visas, customs, duty and taxes because that’s what the Organization is trying to avoid altogether. Notice in episode four that alchemy did not ask the manufacturer to attach a copy of his companies ISO 9001 certification to the request for proposal (RFP) document. No Environmental stress screening, no consumer product safety commission, no Patent check, just positive encouragement to start production. I love alchemies MO, setup shop in some Telco frame room in deepest darkest Africa using open source hardware/software. Evoke field agents stay in safe houses like intelligence operatives with no official cover! Alchemy appears to have had his full of professional students/consultants/Beltway bandits with degrees, certifications, blackberries, nice suites, coffee mugs, notebooks, open wallets and brains devoid of any real ideas! He uses the same people to solve the problems that the government(s) should have hired to being with. The world is his think tank and the internet his source of communication, innovation, product development (R&D), C3ISR, and crisis response mobilization. But…as bad as all this sounds….yours truly would hate to miss out on this excellent opportunity to care for those in need! I figure…. (Six figure, $250K yearly) I could work for EVOKE as a Business Intelligence Analyst/Researcher/Risk Manager type for 3 years before sleeping at night becomes impossible. The constant hand washing would be the first sign of my conscience getting the better of me.
    Evoke Field Agent qualifications?
    1. Advance degree: Electrical, Electronics, Mechanical, Civil at the Master degree level.
    2. PMI-PMP & RMP certifications: http://www.pmi.org/CareerDevelopment/Pages/AboutCredentialsPMP.aspx
    3. For operations within the lower 47 (Texas will leave for sure) agents should have completed all FEMA courses:
    4. Foreign Language proficiency: 2/2 or 3/3 for field agents would be desirable for agents working in their area of responsibility.
    PS: Is there a list of disaster certifications for each first and second world country, or at least the G-8.
    Since most CNC’s have probably been shipped to China and Asia this site should help the Fabbers bring their shops online with a do it yourself CNC: http://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-Make-a-Three-Axis-CNC-Machin...
    There are three types of people in disaster relief, Missionaries, Mercenaries and complete misfits. It’s possible to be all three at the same time. Chow

  3. Robert B. Lewis

    This guy is a true FABBER





    under resourced

  4. Robert B. Lewis

    The best minds in the world hit this site at least once a week. The people of Haiti need our help. What’s the most cost effective solution for semi-permanent/weather proof shelters/housing. Thank you



  5. nomadHAR

    how about facing the underlying problems of the water crisis?

    water is a NECESSITY of life and should not be used to gain profit. large government entities and corporations ‘own’ and control access to water.

    corrupt government entities, corporations and other organizations continue to spew toxic waste into our limited water supplies. they follow ‘acceptable’ levels. there is no such thing as acceptable levels.

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