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EVOKE was developed by the World Bank Institute, the learning and knowledge arm of the World Bank Group, and directed by alternate reality game master Jane McGonigal.

High-Energy Heroes

Posted by Calida DeBello on 26 Mar under Heroes of the Week, People and Ideas

Energy doesn’t go away: it changes to another form. (That’s not just a comforting idea, it’s the law.) The Week 3 Mission was all about efficiency: where is energy being wasted, i.e., changing to a form that we currently don’t use?

“I am an energy efficiency obsessive.” When an Agent begins a blog post this way, you know you might be in for something good. Agent NickDutch of the UK is a Hero for his series of blog posts about thermo electric generators, devices that use the temperature difference between two areas to generate electricity (or cooling). TEGs open up a world of possibilities for “energy scavenging” especially in off-grid sub-Saharan Africa. And participate in his First Evokation on TEGs or his Second, a local effort focused on wood pellet technology – plus great-to-know ideas on a wide range of energy topics in his blog stream.

Hybrids: it’s not just for cars anymore. Agent Karamveer Lalh of Canada is a Hero for reporting on his team’s hands-on 9th grade experiment to create a hybrid solar/wind power generation device. Here’s the data, here’s the hybrid generator, here’s it powering up batteries and here’s the very rough potential real-world implications.

Energy is where you find it. Agent Per Jonsson of Sweden is a hero for imagining capturing devices right in downtown Manhattan – and for launching an outpouring of helpful ideas, resources and encouragement from fellow Agents with a thoughtful analysis of the potential weaknesses of his own idea.

Agent Jan Lampe’s bike-powered MP3 player cuts right to the heart of this week’s mission: powering a familiar device in a new (and greener way). Jan’s a hero this week for this and for his guidelines on growing the network.

People really do not want others to go hungry. Food security, our Week 2 mission, continues to inspire much of the EVOKE network to action. Among a storm of ideas and energy, first Hero: Agent Gilda Lorena Arias of Paraguay (who says she has no talent for growing plants) discovered what she does have a talent for: growing community support for gardens by simply asking people in her community for help. Second, our Heroes are the authors of the remarkable collaborative SEED Evokation: Agents Crystal BellarWintermuteClaude RainesNick HeymingMichele BaronJohn TsangarisAmos Meeks and Stefano Cieri being the founding members of teamSEED (there are undoubtedly more by now). As Nathaniel Fruchter described the SEED project: “We are seeing EVOKE members basically plan out an EVOKE peace corps mission to Sierra Leone. They weren’t stingy with the planning. This could be huge.” Kudos too to the many Agents who have  supported them with an outpouring of ideas, connections and resources. As Agent Yumna Moosa said: “This looks wonderful… Please make it real :)

Third, Agent Nick Heyming is a hero (again): watch how his Gratitude Garden idea builds on the contributions of many agents and leads to the Gratitude Garden Evokation, then join in!

Fourth hero: where food cultivation is concerned, Agent Iyamuremye Jean de Dieu of Rwanda challenges us to close the loop.

What happens to the EVOKE network after 10 weeks? Agent Radhika Darbari of the UK answers this question with EVOKE Forever, a collaboratively run multiplatform social network to keep agents in touch all the way to 2020 and beyond.

And finally, let’s return to our Week 1 mission of social innovation. We welcome new players who are just starting with EVOKE as well as encourage those who are moving through the missions at their own pace. You are heroes as well! This week, I was struck by these discerning words: “Who really needs the solution I have and where do they live? I fear that a large part of my thinking has been characterized by polarizations that are false, seeing that if I looked closer, I would find that amongst the places where I thought problems lie, some people actually do not need my solution.” So says Agent, Hero and friend Oluwadamilola Akinwale of Nigeria.

And if you are new to EVOKE, or otherwise wondering what it is really all about, Agent Damilola has imagined it all very clearly for you, right here. Odaro!  – Calida for Mita, Simon, Gene, Nathaniel, Josh, Ken, Yemisi and the rest of the superplayer team

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