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EVOKE was developed by the World Bank Institute, the learning and knowledge arm of the World Bank Group, and directed by alternate reality game master Jane McGonigal.

EVOKE Code of Ethics, by Agents

Posted by Calida DeBello on 31 Mar under How to EVOKE, People and Ideas

The EVOKE Network is feeling the need for a statement about its values, and since it is a self-reliant community, it has quickly solved its own need. Here is a code of ethics being created by Agents:

1.  Make a positive contribution. I post only blogs, pictures, and videos that I believe will promote the awareness, knowledge, or enjoyment of other members of this community and advance their educational missions.

2. Give credit. I always cite my sources and my inspiration.

3. Appreciate great efforts. I spend time exploring the quests and missions completed by my fellow agents, and I leave positive feedback.

4. Always encourage, never disparage. Leave positive, helpful feedback and share links and connections that will add momentum to others’ efforts. When I disagree, I will be respectful. I will spend more time amplifying the ideas I agree with and helping the projects I’m excited about, than arguing about ideas I don’t agree with, or disparaging projects I’m not excited about.

5. Keep my eyes on the prize. Our goal is to make the world a better place.

(Keep in mind, too, grade school students all over the world are studying EVOKE. (As described earlier.) Keep the tone appropriate for them.)

These guidelines are inspired by the discussion sparked by Agents Mark Mulkerin and Amos Meeks. It’s an ongoing conversation so feel free to add your own thoughts; we’ll update the Guide accordingly.

One last thought from me: Let’s stay kind and calm at all times. Online social networks are never easy, and the EVOKE Network is no exception. It is an immense challenge for many people just to participate, when issues of technology, language, goals and culture all strike at once. In many ways, it is crazy to think that we can collectively overcome all these challenges, work out our differences, come up with innovative solutions and begin  implementing them, all in the space of ten weeks. But from what I’ve seen so far, which is a flood of ideas, collaboration, goodwill and positive energy, it would be crazy to bet against us.

18 Responses to “EVOKE Code of Ethics, by Agents”

  1. Sarah Shaw Tatoun

    Thanks, Calida. Very well thought-out.

  2. Riko Kamachi

    I really like this. Simple, concise, fair and covers everything it needs to.

  3. Gilda Lorena Arias

    Thank you for this Calida!!!! The Network need this code. Gracias!!!

  4. Jeff Brain

    As one of the teachers working with middle-school students aged 11-14 studying Evoke, I appreciate the clear guidelines, positive thrust and reminder that the next generation is interested in what we say and do here. Thank you.

  5. Jane McG

    Hooray! Great job EVOKE agents for taking the initiative to spark this discussion and compile so many great ideas. This is a powerful code of ethics.

  6. Thom

    People aged 11-14 studying Evoke. Why?

    Why are people aged 11-14 just studying? People who are not aged 11-14 do not act perfectly, they make mistakes, and… they learn.

    Why just watch for 12 years? Why not allow people to participate and experience life, even if only aged 11-14? Why not allow them to do something other than just study, to apply what they learn from their observation right now so they can learn something new from their own actions. And then, apply that new knowledge, and then again, and then again.

    Why wait? They don’t have to do the the same thing, they don’t have to be part of Evoke. But why do they have to just study, to just watch?

    Do you read the manual for a DVD player and then wait a few years before attempting to film a movie? That’s the incongruous approach of “education”, but it’s not life.

    Free the people aged 11-14, free the people of all ages to participate in whatever way they wish to join the community, to share in life.

  7. Bongumusa

    Ethics knowing what is right or wrong. Values and good tasteful language.

  8. Patricio

    We needed this!!! It´s GREAT!!! I like a lot how the focus is on encouraging people to participate in a safe helpful environment.

  9. MAK

    wow. .nice to see that the original spark of discussion was credited to. . Mark Mulkerin and Amos Meeks

    I wonder who sparked them to address a code of EVOKE conduct of conduct?

  10. gustavo

    very good…that’s for the life!

  11. Mark Mulkerin

    In answer to MAK’s query, what got me thinking along these lines was the blog, Conflict In My Evoke by Jen Shaffer, and having read about codes of ethics in either Predictably Irrational, Freakanomics, or both – I don’t have them at my finger tips so I can’t properly cite them.

  12. BZhang

    Thanks Calida for mentioning that students are studying the Evoke game. I didn’t know that, but that knowledge has inspired me contribute far more positively.

  13. Andrew Bessette

    Thanks for great motivaters

  14. Julix

    Thanks a lot! To know who I want to be, helps me getting there… To know that my goal is to make the world a bit better, and to make my work worthwhile reading and looking at, rather the goal being to finish all missions and quests, motivates me, to increase the quality of my work, and to show respect to the ones who are all ready on a high standard.

  15. Nangar Soomro

    Thanks All,

    thats what we were waiting for. Love to see these norms on the evoke network. We really need to take care of these norms.


  16. Nangar Soomro

    Please go through my Evoke manifestation blog which would be very useful to articulate the rules of the game for next generation. It is based on lessons learnt on Evoke Class 2010 I.

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  18. buffyb

    These ethics are wonderful way to live life, only thing I would add is #6 Have Fun and Hug Often ~*

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