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EVOKE was developed by the World Bank Institute, the learning and knowledge arm of the World Bank Group, and directed by alternate reality game master Jane McGonigal.

Investigate Episode Five

Posted by Alchemy on 31 Mar under Investigation Files

Get the facts behind the story. Make yourself an expert.
And discover the eighteen secrets of episode five…

1. What would you study in a course on resilience logistics?

2. What causes a currency collapse?

3. What’s really going on in the Cuban economy today?

4. What are community banks?

5. Who is Batdorj Gongor?

6. What does a real community bank look like?

7. How do I start my own community bank?

8. What’s micro-finance?

9. Can I make my own micro-investment?

10. What happened in Iceland in 2008?

11. Who is really using alternative currencies?

12. What’s an example of a succesful alternative currency?

13. How do I invent my own currency?

14. What are Local Exchange Trading Systems?

15. What’s a diaspora?

16. How is the African diaspora mobilizing for investment and development?

17. What’s “hawala” exchange?

18. Where can I find more creative ideas for social banking?

Keep the investigation going…

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8 Responses to “Investigate Episode Five”

  1. frank taraqntino

    I don’t know where to leave this …………..??????????

    Arriving at customs, I knew this was going to be an interesting assignment,instead of a customs agent I was greeted by a what looked like a stainless steel panel. I was directed to wave my right hand in front of the panel, as I did, the face of a woman appeared on the screen,”Welcome Mr.Baxter I trust you had a comfortable flight. Cab #46 is waiting to take you to your hotel,if you choose to walk in the city please take the silver card at the bottom of the screen, that will be your currency during your stay on the Island of Cuba.”
    I took the card and headed for the taxi ,I needed a shower and some island food .

    The next morning at brunch with the regional Governor Mr.Pleasant, I sat at the table, incredulous.
    This man just got through explaining to me how this Island Society made the transition from a monetary economic system to a society that no longer used Money.
    He also explained what Citizen Central was, and how Citizen Central became the tool for creating
    and manifesting Government policy throughout all branches of government.

    As I write my report of my visit to this Island, I realize, what I witnessed was a society not only functioning but thriving , without the use of money,and with a political system that actually reflected
    what the Citizens chose for domestic and foreign policy.

    Before I go to press with my report that details both these dynamics. Maybe we should all have an opportunity to reflect on how this would manifest.
    1. Imagine our society functioning without money, how would it work ?
    2. Citizen Central, imagine the Citizens from all the divergent, yet collinear organizations throughout the country converging into one unified Citizen Lobby.
    With an agreed upon To Do List
    A. Eliminating hunger in the U.S. and the rest of the world.
    B. Allocate resourses to States, Cities and Towns to fund social issues, repair and construct
    C. Universal Health
    D.Foreign Policies that reflects the best interest of the Citizens of the countries we aid.
    E. Specific projects implemented to curb environmental degradation

    Money would be entirely out of the political equation.
    So how does Citizen Central work?

  2. Robert B. Lewis

    I’ve arranged to send your operating budget via HAWALA exchange. Bank transfers into Cuba will be suspicious and I don’t want Citizen X following us to closely especially after their scoop in London. Wow!! Just ask the people of Nairobi Kenya what they think about the HAWALA system and how it benefits them!! Question, are there taxes to be paid in the HAWALA system. I purchased these calling cards at a local mom and pop shop in my neighborhood.


  3. Robert B. Lewis

    So with M-PESA, SEACOM and Terremark, Hawala money can be transferred around the world now!!


  4. Robert B. Lewis

    Like many of my fellow EVOKE agents I need to understand money/finances and the global economy much better than I do! Reading Niall Ferguson’s book the Ascent of Money and Jim Marr’s book Rule-by-Secrecy has put me on a fast track to understanding how the current global economic system works. Agents, lets study up! The ability to learn fast with or without formal education will be the difference, between waiting for the bus or owning a Mercedes in the near future. These books are a 60 day fast track to understanding how things got to be as bad as they are; and who is controlling everything! Naill makes a statement that you have to have credit to create a bubble. That’s true no matter what type of bubble it is; Housing, Information Technology, Telecommunications, War etc…

    Finally, and most importantly, without easy credit creation a true bubble cannot occur. That is why so many bubbles have their origins in the sins of omission or commission of central banks. NF Ascent of Money: page 122.

    PS: I am also reading the following book: Islamic Economic Systems by Farhad Nomani & Ali Rahnema I purchased it in Ethiopia summer 2006.






    Songs in my head for EVOKE Episode 5: Just thinking about money/digital currency makes me want to hit the panic switch!!


  5. nomadHAR

    rhetorical question, to think about:

    19. why would a site created by the WORLD BANK be interested in the future of MONEY?

    remember, seek the TRUTH!

  6. Robert B. Lewis

    Greece is the world’s oldest Democracy; its to symbolic to fail. 40 Billion dollar bailout. The IMF is across the street from World Bank. Might have a sandwhich at the PB’s tommorrow.


  7. Robert B. Lewis

    I guess the people pay the random in the end!!


    The prices should keep going up at the pump until the randsom is covered, then the ship will be released.


  8. Robert B. Lewis

    To Democratic to fail, Greece is the word



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