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EVOKE was developed by the World Bank Institute, the learning and knowledge arm of the World Bank Group, and directed by alternate reality game master Jane McGonigal.

Teaching EVOKE

Posted by Nathaniel Fruchter on 18 Mar under People and Ideas

In my opinion, Agent Ninmah is truly doing something special. She’s collaborating with other teachers to create a curriculum and to teach EVOKE to students.
Paul Allison says:
This month, several of us in the New York City Writing Project are introducing Evoke in our English, Art, and Technology classrooms. We are working together to become mentors [...]


Investigate Episode 3

Posted by Alchemy on 17 Mar under Investigation Files

Get the facts behind the story. Make yourself an expert.
And discover the twelve secrets of Episode Three…


Helping less experienced agents

Posted by Nathaniel Fruchter on 16 Mar under Behind the scenes, People and Ideas

Agent Elastika’s post on helping less experienced agents really got me writing.
The EVOKE network is something special.  It has pulled in agents from all over the world and we’re really doing something great.  However, it’s easy to forget about technological limitations if you’re sitting here in the United States or Europe.


Growing gardens

Posted by Mita Williams on 16 Mar under People and Ideas

I’m amazed how many agents of the Evoke Network have taken the lesson of building on existing platforms to heart as they have been accepting the call of the second set of missions. Becki Harvey started trading lemons for parlsey with her neighbour and now five families share their garden wares.  Alastair Dove found a [...]

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Posted by Chelsea Howe on 16 Mar under People and Ideas

Last week, EVOKE called on its Agents to connect with heroes already changing the world through social innovation. Whether through following, friending, RSS-ing, or even just shooting an email, Agents everywhere came closer to social innovators and are now tracing their footsteps. But how many people have actually heard back from their heroes? Let’s try [...]


Collective Intelligence – The Future

Posted by Batandwa Alperstein on 14 Mar under People and Ideas, Uncategorized

The EVOKE game has opened my eyes to the great possibilities and opportunities that are opened when passionate people come together to collaborate.
This is my first interaction with Collective Intelligence. Wikipedia is the most well-known example of CI; where millions of users create a constantly expanding online encyclopedia.
I’ve seen numerous players refering to the concept, [...]


The Emerging Pattern of our Web

Posted by Joshua Judkins on 13 Mar under People and Ideas, Power Reports

“One great mystery in science is exactly how spiders know what pattern to weave.


We can be heroes

Posted by Calida DeBello on 12 Mar under Heroes of the Week, People and Ideas

Every week we honor a few people who have made a difference to EVOKE as Heroes of the Week. I’ll say right now the process is not an orderly one (especially not with so many people making so many contributions! And we are so few). There’s no set path to become one; it’s definitely not [...]

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The lesson of listening

Posted by Mita Williams on 11 Mar under People and Ideas, Power Reports

The second set of missions were released by Alchemy yesterday and Evoke agents have already stepped forward and accepted these objectives and have taken on the new quest.
But before I get to these challenges myself, I wanted to share what we’ve learned from the Evoke Network as it embraced the lessons of Social Innovators.
I reviewed [...]

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Investigate Episode 2

Posted by Alchemy on 10 Mar under Uncategorized

Get the facts behind the story. Make yourself an expert.
And discover the twelve secrets of Episode Two…