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EVOKE was developed by the World Bank Institute, the learning and knowledge arm of the World Bank Group, and directed by alternate reality game master Jane McGonigal.

Who created EVOKE, and why?

Posted by Alchemy on 09 Mar under Behind the scenes, News

The EVOKE network has its own origin story – just as all of you have yours.


EVOKE is *alive*

Posted by Gene Becker on 09 Mar under Mentor Reports

My long-suffering mentor Calida asked me what I thought about our recent efforts to grow the EVOKE network’s capabilities. I know she and Alchemy have been concerned about our ability to scale up EVOKE operations, given the rising frequency and severity of ‘black swan’ negative events around the world. Rather than just giving Calida an [...]


See what EVOKE is all about

Posted by Calida DeBello on 09 Mar under People and Ideas

We’re coming to the end of EVOKE Week 1. If you’re new to us, or just shy, now’s the time to accept your Mission 1 in Social Innovation, because on Wednesday Alchemy will reveal Mission 2. (And if you’re fretting because your great Evidence for Mission 1 has not yet been approved! What’s up with [...]


A slight change to the EVOKE “Discuss” forums

Posted by Nathaniel Fruchter on 08 Mar under Behind the scenes

For those of you that frequent the EVOKE forums, you might notice something slightly different.  That’s right, the forums are no longer in a “news stream” format but are broken up into subforums.  This was done by agent request and will hopefully improve your EVOKE experience and make it a bit easier to manage.


Honoring the “First Responders”

Posted by Ken Eklund on 06 Mar under People and Ideas

When there’s an emergency they call the first people on the scene the “first responders.” What they do really matters because they’re the first ones in.
The EVOKE Network has grown so big so fast it’s a little like an emergency (a very heartfelt, soulful, happy emergency) and if you’ve clicked around the site at all [...]

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Challenge the Network

Posted by Alchemy on 05 Mar under How to EVOKE, News

I have been monitoring your work closely, and I am very impressed. In a short time, you have demonstrated the ability to organize and collaborate across continents, to recognize innovation in the world around you, to communicate your visions for the future, to inspire others with your passion.
And even more than that, I’m impressed [...]


COMING SOON: Evidence Rewards, and Your Personal Evidence Log

Posted by Alchemy on 05 Mar under Uncategorized

How do I know that the EVOKE Network is capable of changing the world? Because I have more than 2000 pieces of evidence telling me so.
In just 48 hours, you’ve created 2114 blog posts, videos and photos to show off your completed Social Innovation missions. And I don’t want any of your outstanding efforts getting [...]


I told Alchemy this would happen

Posted by Calida DeBello on 03 Mar under News

…he seemed not to believe me (but you can never tell for sure).
Over 6000 smart and brave people from all over the world have signed up to EVOKE change, and hundreds of people are already undertaking the first Mission in social innovation. It’s overwhelmingly awesome, mostly, with a little bit of overwhelming, period. Please bear [...]


Our Superplayers

Posted by Calida DeBello on 03 Mar under People and Ideas

Welcome, everyone, to EVOKE. I wanted to introduce you to some of the people you will meet while you are here: our superplayers. We call them “super” because they’ve had a head start learning how to take on Missions and Quests – but they are also “players” just like you, eager to absorb knowledge, share [...]

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