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EVOKE was developed by the World Bank Institute, the learning and knowledge arm of the World Bank Group, and directed by alternate reality game master Jane McGonigal.

Heroes: Blue is the new green

Posted by Calida DeBello on 02 Apr under Heroes of the Week

Agent Wintermute is a hero already (for his role in the SEED Evokation), but he would be again for his call to Agents to “stick in there” – a call that sparked some great discussions and resonated with many people as we enter our 5th week. And the reports he collected with his simple question “what are you evoking?” describe better than I can what EVOKE is all about and the conversations and actions we hope to foster. If you’re new to EVOKE, start right there!

Water security: “What is clean water?Agent Turil Cronberg is a hero for asking that deceptively simple question; she’s sparking a conversation about art, chemistry, carnivorous plants and more. Agent Ternura Rojas is a hero for her stand that water is a human right and her plan for action. And Agent Charles Fiertz is a hero for his striking spark of an idea to meet the Imagine challenge of World Water Day 2020.

Energy: Agent Omri or something is a hero because not only did he have original ideas about wind turbines and wave energy and solar, he took the next step: he brought them to an engineer for a reality check. This is how stuff happens, folks: someone not only has a (potentially) great idea but puts that idea out there. What happened, you wonder? Do any of his ideas have merit? Has Omri solved the energy crisis? Find out here.

Food Security: Agent Michele Baron is a hero over again for mentoring Agent MAK on a local resilient community gardening project. Read for some in-depth experience with xeriscaping and permaculture principles.

Social Innovation: Agent Aron Neu is a Hero for applying lessons from EVOKE immediately to his current passion: countering climate change. And if Agent Omri or something weren’t already a hero, I’d be tempted to make him one because he wants to follow Douglas Adams, who, although dead, would otherwise appreciate the humor of the gesture!

Finally, we end with two quotes. One is about frustration, de-motivation, and being overlooked:

“I almost quit this week… Why? Well there’s a whole bunch of reasons, all tangled up, but what it fundamentally came down to was that I had written a couple of posts which had gone virtually un-noticed. Sounds silly, but I had put a lot into them… It felt like the honeymoon was over. I’d been here from the start but the sheer volume of new posts and new people was drowning out my ‘voice’.

Anyway, once I got over myself a little, I started thinking about all those other posts and people, about you, reading this now, and wondered how many others there were, either here for a while or just joined, who had gone un-noticed. There are a small number of people who have been sifting back through the post reel, gently encouraging others with their comments and trying to highlight strong posts… I had been doing some of the same, but I resolved to do more of it. A funny thing happened then – the people I had left notes of encouragement for started reading those posts of mine that were gathering dust, and they started leaving me comments and encouragement too. The circle was complete and my ‘mojo’ was back :) .

Beautifully put. I’ve hacked it up for brevity; you should read the whole thing. If you want to be a hero to someone, right now, there’s how. Thank you, Agent Alex Stovell.

The second quote I read some time ago, and haven’t been able to forget:

My fav secret: think like a child – “children have no limit to their thinking” – Paul Polak via Nextbillion. Why do I believe in this secret?

A child’s brain is completely new and open so as Social Innovator should be open minded and crystal clear in his objectives and solutions…

When you give two chocolates to a child, it takes all the two. Eats one of them immediately and holds another one for later time. Similarly, a social innovator should find innovative solutions to immediate challenges and future foreseen challenges.

When a child is hungry, it never waits for anyone but start giving its signals. Similarly, a social innovator should address the challenges all the times by means of continuous innovations rather than relying upon a single innovative solution.

A child never takes critics ( as he doesn’t know what a critic is?) and keeps its determination level very high so achieve the target, say to get a chocolate from his mother. Similarly, a social innovator should never be down by critics. Be positive and keep its energy and determination to the highest possible level.

Again, I’ve shortened it; you should read the whole thing. Thank you, Agent S KUBERAN and all you heroic and childish thinkers out there. – Calida, for Simon, Gene, Ken, Mita, Nathaniel, Batandwa and the rest of the team

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