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EVOKE was developed by the World Bank Institute, the learning and knowledge arm of the World Bank Group, and directed by alternate reality game master Jane McGonigal.

The new Leader Cloud

Posted by Mita Williams on 03 Apr under How to EVOKE, News

At the very beginning of the Evoke Network, we were told that there is no one way to win this game. It was – and still is – up to us to determine what journey we want to take over the ten weeks.

Think of the new Leader Cloud as one of the tools available to help you find other agents who can help you on your own journey.  By clicking on the word Leader at the top of each page, you will find all sort of ways explore the Urgent Evoke Network through both randomized and ranked lists of

· Newest Heroes
· Emerging Heroes
· Questing Heroes
· Heroes On a Mission
· Power Generators
· Mega Heroes
· Heroes of the Week
· Leading Powers

I can see myself using the new Leader Cloud in two different ways.  I’m very interested in finding and connecting with our newest and emerging heroes and I think the Leader Cloud does a very good job bringing the work of these agents forward. And, after looking at my own personal profile, I can see that I’m particularly weak in my Entrepreneurship Powers so, I’m going to do a quick study of the ideas from our agents who have this power as a particular strength.

How are you going to use the power of the Leader Cloud?

9 Responses to “The new Leader Cloud”

  1. Sarah Shaw Tatoun

    Thanks, Mita. I like the new board a lot. I’ll be using it along with the posts on the side showing who’s just signed up to find people who are brand new and perhaps feeling a little lost. I also like that there’s a list of people who just have a few points– another group I’ll be targeting.

    A lot to be learned from the point leaders, too, as I found when I clicked on Nick Heyming’s profile and found this post: http://www.urgentevoke.com/profiles/blogs/so-you-want-a-bunch-of-points

  2. elastika

    Mita, I think this is a big improvement, because that’s how power is redistributed between more agents. I especially like newest and emerging heroes categories.

    However I still think one important category is missing. This category is should show who are the biggest power givers on EVOKE.

    The whole game is about giving, contributing for a better world, however in a way I get an impression that in this “game” taking is still more important than giving. At least according to the leader cloud …

  3. Turil

    I will, perhaps, use it to find people who are seen as exceptionally strong in a way that I’m not, so that we can collaborate! There’s no point in me trying to do everything myself, when someone else loves to do the things I don’t. :-)

    I’m also using it as a bit of a motivation to offer stuff that increases my powers in the couple of areas that I believe I’m best at, so that people can see what my own highest strengths are. In my day job, I’m a leader in several ways, and it makes sense that I can carry those skills over to Evoke.

  4. steve ward

    thanks Mita, you know that about what im going to use the leader board for as well. not only will it help me find people who i can help maybe mentor too.

    Also will be able to if i get stuck find people who have found ways past the problem.

  5. Robert Hawkins

    @elastica — Hi. power givers is there as the power generator category — these are the players who have given the most power points.

  6. elastika

    @Robert … Aha, sorry, it shows sometimes that I’m not a native speaker :) I thought these were the old leader sums …
    That’s great, now I like the new leader cloud even more :)

  7. Gabriel Martin

    I am using the cloud as a list of people to interview. I plan on expanding my Evoke network to a decent size relative to the whole and then open the floor up to them by posting a few Q&A blogs. Im sure that from the cloud I can get better interview questions that I could think of on my own (though I might throw a few in by commenting on my own questions, to see how they stack up.) Eventually I will use these questions to create a series of interviews which will serve to orient and educate the rest of us.

  8. nick gogerty

    Hey I finished all the quests and am no longer a mega hero?

    Is the list just a partial rolling list? it appears so.



  9. Mita

    The Mega Hero bug has been fixed!

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