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EVOKE was developed by the World Bank Institute, the learning and knowledge arm of the World Bank Group, and directed by alternate reality game master Jane McGonigal.

Your EVOKATION — Introducing EVOKE Mentors

Posted by Robert Hawkins on 03 Apr under How to EVOKE, Mentor Reports

Greetings EVOKE agents!  As you work toward defining your EVOKATION, I wanted to provide a bit more information on mentorships and introduce some of our incredible EVOKE mentors who will be helping to further develop the ideas in your EVOKATION to move it closer to reality!

May 19th is the deadline for submission of your EVOKATION – one week after the end of gameplay.  We will select up to 20 EVOKE agents to receive a mentorship – based on your EVOKATION (see EVOKATION guidelines here).  The Mentorship will take place during the June-August timeframe and interaction with your mentors will be via email, chat, skype, and other online communications.  Your mentor may also design a special mission for you to undertake during this time period as part of their own social innovation project – more on this later.  This will be your opportunity to get some firsthand experience collaborating with an amazing social innovator.  So, start preparing your EVOKATIONS now!

I am pleased to introduce you four of our mentors – Jessica Lin, Derek Lomas, Roger Schank, and Ethan Zuckerman.  We will be revealing more mentors over the coming weeks – so stay tuned!

Jessica Lin

Jessica Lin is a graduate of Harvard University, where she studied Government, African Studies, and Swahili. Her endeavors focus on social enterprise and community-based technology projects in sub-Saharan Africa. Jessica is a co-founder of sOccket, a soccer ball that stores energy from game play to charge batteries and lights. She is currently a fellow at The Laboratory at Harvard, a new platform for idea experimentation and exhibition in the arts and sciences.

Derek Lomas

Derek Lomas is a PhD student in the Human-Computer Interactions Institute at Carnegie Mellon University, where he is researching the underpinnings of fun and learning within commercial video games and helping to develop new design processes for building effective computer-aided learning games.  Lomas is a co-founder of the Playpower Foundation, which recently received support from the MacArthur Foundation to further its goals of building affordable, effective and fun learning games to improve education around the world.  Lomas received his Master of Fine Arts degree in Visual Arts from UC San Diego and his BA in Cognitive Science from Yale University.

Roger Schank

Roger Schank (www.rogerschank.com) is one of the world’s leading visionaries in artificial intelligence, learning theory, cognitive science, and the building of virtual learning environments. He is CEO of Socratic Arts, a company whose goal is to design and implement learning-by-doing, story-centered curricula in schools, universities, and corporations.

Ethan Zuckerman

Ethan is an activist, blogger and geek, living in Western Massachusetts and working in Cambridge as a senior researcher at the Berkman Center. As co-founder of Global Voices, he is interested in ways that citizen’s media can address longstanding biases in the news media. Before working at the Berkman, he helped found Geekcorps, a non-profit organization that shipped geeks to the developing world to run Internet technology trainings. Prior to that, he was part of the team that founded Tripod, one of the early online community companies. When not blogging, researching or making trouble, Ethan helps out with Ushaidi, PenPlusBytes, Open Society Institute’s US Programs board and other fun technology and development projects.  His personal blog is “My Heart’s in Accra…” , and you can find him on Twitter as @ethanz.

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  3. Gabriel Martin

    Evoke also allows us to be mentors, perhaps when the time comes those being mentored could also work with a group that they can relay the lessons to, kind of a trickle effect.

  4. Fred Itogoot

    Wow! great reading about what the mentors are doing and their profiles. Their extensive work and what they are doing about innovation is thrilling…well wanna play catch up,,, I far too behind is it late? They say better late than never…

  5. Turil

    Oh, I just noticed this post! Looks like both Ethan Zuckerman and Roger Schank would also be great mentors to help with the Human Powered School Evokation.

    I’m definitely getting excited about this!

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