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EVOKE was developed by the World Bank Institute, the learning and knowledge arm of the World Bank Group, and directed by alternate reality game master Jane McGonigal.

If you are having difficulty logging into the network

Posted by Mita Williams on 05 Apr under News

If you are experiencing difficulties signing in to The Urgent Evoke Network, please let us know by submitting a ticket here.

13 Responses to “If you are having difficulty logging into the network”

  1. aseel honein

    i am unable to log into my account at urgentevoke which is on a ning platform
    kindly help me access it
    i do not know of anything i have done to be knocked out of circulation like this

  2. Mita Williams

    aseel, have you tried using the form to let NING know about your problem? If not, please do so because they are the ones who can help you!

    If you have already, all I can do is ask for your patience as unfortunately, it can take some time for it to be resolved.

  3. Alexandru Ragalie

    My account was just restricted also :I
    I sent an email to NING telling them about it.

  4. Alexandru Ragalie

    Received an email from them telling me that they have unlocked my account, but I am still unable to login with the same message.
    Did this happen to others also?

  5. kate

    When I go to submit a blog a gray box pops up asking me to verify my account but then I can’t enter the words its asking me to enter and my entire blog post is lost.

  6. Laken

    I’m having logging in problems and posting issues. My blog post won’t submit. It ask me to fill out a verify your account form, yet won’t let me fill it out. I can’t type anything at out. Help?

  7. Sarah Shaw Tatoun

    I’ve just been locked out too. I’ve submitted the ticket and will be waiting to hear.

  8. Calida DeBello

    I have heard that the gray box/verify account problem does NOT occcur when using the Internet Explorer browser. Strange. I have no way to test this, however; I mention it in case it’s helpful…

  9. Sarah Shaw Tatoun

    I’m back in. Message from Ning said my account was disabled by spam detectors. Anyway, grateful for quick resolution!

  10. Michele Baron

    My account has been disabled again (I am losing count of how often now). Just tried to post my Imagine6 blog for third time (kicked off Friday twice), and lost my Quest6 post again. Mita, everyone–I was not spamming. I sent two or 3 comments, tried to type and post my blog and quest. I have sent another email to NING. Help, please? Thank you. Michele

  11. Mita Williams

    Oh no, Michele! Not sure what’s happening but I’ll let our tech folks know.

  12. Michele Baron

    thank you, Mita.

  13. Michele Baron

    back on now. Thank you again.

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