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EVOKE was developed by the World Bank Institute, the learning and knowledge arm of the World Bank Group, and directed by alternate reality game master Jane McGonigal.

Heroes: Making money better

Posted by Calida DeBello on 08 Apr under Heroes of the Week, People and Ideas

The missions for Week 5 examine the mysterious nature of money: at once the most real and the most vaporous aspect to many people’s lives.

To introduce yourself to the questions about money, there’s no better place to start than these questions: How many Evokians did you earn today? How will you spend them? Agent Mark Mulkerin of Singapore is a hero for starting up the First Bank of Evoke, an experiment that’s generating a fascinating exchange about the core ideas of money (be sure to read the comments…).

Want change to start now? Are you ready to put money down? Many agents pursuing this week’s mission discovered the microloan website Kiva. Agent Riko Kamachi of the UK is a hero for (a) starting an EVOKE group account on Kiva that’s selecting causes and raising money for them right now, and (b) becoming passionate about the potential to connect and the discussions it raises.

And a pair of visions about money: First, the shape of things to come? Agent Holly Lufele of South Africa is a hero for imagining fraud-preventing banking cafes in Johannesburg in the year 2020. Second, smart money? Agent João Carrapa of Portugal is a hero for sharing Money Traces: Before we spend it, will we be able to know what our money will support?

Mission 4: Agent Amy Kate Payne is a hero for acting about water issues: she’s getting involved with a local eco-sanitation group in Malawi.

Mission 3: Energy. Agent Aamel is a hero for his video from the year 2020 about energy needs and solutions – and he reminds us that middle-school students are engaging with EVOKE and bringing their own particular energy and vision to our quest to change the future.

Mission 2, Food: Agent Hafeni of Namibia is a hero for showing us a local food security effort, UMTHATHI.

Mission 1, Social Innovation: Agent Michael Mansourati of Canada is a hero for putting this idea so well: ‘By empowering the people you help with the skills you teach them, you’re telling them “You have the knowledge, help us fix the problem” as opposed to “you have the machine, do what it’s supposed to do.”‘ Read his short post. And Agent Amber Sofia of Australia is a hero for sparking a great exchange with Wonderment, Inc.

Quest hero: Evidence is more visible, but don’t neglect the Quests: they are perhaps its heart. Agent Cynawynn of the USA is a hero for her response to a very challenging Quest5: she describes her Pivotal Moment.

Agent Alex Stovell of the UK is a hero for launching a great dialogue with his imaginative challenge: Defeating The Dragon. Among the many respondents, Agent Shane M. Wheeler of the USA is a hero for, among many contributions, his spark about using cellphones as a way for EVOKE to extend its reach, “slaying the dragon one text at a time.”

Last, I’ll again refer you all to Agent Wintermute’s post “What Are You Evoking?” It continues to be a touchstone for the many cool ideas and projects that agents have underway. It’s a great place to see what EVOKE is all about. Among the latest in a list of intriguing ideas: Ursula Kochanowsky is developing Insta-Gardens, Rama Rao and Turil Cronburg are working to create differently abled work for differently abled people, and Benny Faibish is aiming to create a technology-sparked mindshift. Read the comments, seek out collaborators or add a project idea of your own! – Calida, for Josh, Ken, Mita, Chelsea, Batandwa, Ronald, Nathaniel, Simon and the rest of the team

3 Responses to “Heroes: Making money better”

  1. Gabriel Martin

    WOW! what a bevy of information! I must look into those projects. They all sound amazing!

  2. Ajala Adenike

    Question: What am i to do to be involve in this project. (Requirements)

  3. Calida DeBello

    Hi Ajala – thanks for asking. Go to http://urgentevoke.com, register, and then click on “How To Play.” Welcome to EVOKE! – Calida

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