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EVOKE was developed by the World Bank Institute, the learning and knowledge arm of the World Bank Group, and directed by alternate reality game master Jane McGonigal.

Helping to EVOKE change in the lives of Women

Posted by Joshua Judkins on 13 Apr under People and Ideas

This week has seen EVOKE agents taking action to help improve the opportunities and conditions for women across the globe.

Those who were able provided financial support to a range of initiatives, others gave of their time, and many have worked to spread the word about the challenges many women face and projects working to counteract them.

These three ways to empower women are actually covered in detail by Margie Alsbrook, who enacted all three this week – donating globally, volunteering locally, and reassessing personally. A.V. Koshy also found three different ways to help – alongside donating, his focus was on educating and mentoring women, to see them become “tomorrow’s elite and aware leaders”.

The Global Giving projects to which Agents have been providing financial support are incredibly varied – here is a small selection:

Other EVOKE Agents shared how they were donating their time. Sfiso Mbhele has been assisting girls in his South African community with Maths. David Delgado Talancón in Mexico has been assisting with educational podcasts for his local school.

Rebecca Gillman has provided a stunning gallery of photos telling the story of how her school’s partnership with the Philippine Community Fund is empowering women to sew their way out of poverty. They collect trash, and turn it into extraordinary jewelry – which can then be sold.

It’s jewelry like this that Mark Mulkerin reminds us is available from Fair Trade shops in many towns and cities around the world. He points out that it’s possible for us to support women in need on a regular basis by choosing to buy the products they have made.

Finally, I was captured by Cornelia Harper Tang’s ACT 6 post this week. She writes about asking her lecturer why they had watched a 1990s documentary on the role of women in developing countries, and describes her shock at his answer that the situation hasn’t changed a lot since 10 years ago.

Her post has created discussion around the things that are changing, and Cornelia herself has decided this is the area she wants to base her Evokation on. If you’re interested in joining forces with her, don’t hesitate to let her know.

Thanks to all the EVOKE Agents who took a stand this week to support the empowerment of women across the globe.

The more we lend our efforts to those already in the field,  the more we raise awareness of these issues with those around us, the nearer we come to ensuring the next 10 years will truly be a time of change.

One Response to “Helping to EVOKE change in the lives of Women”

  1. Chiu Shao-Chun

    I am in favor of what you say.As a matter of fact,there are large numbers of the women leading a miserable life.They have less right in education,even in living.Hopefully,their right will raise and their lives will be filled with happiness.Cheer up,and justice prevail!

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