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EVOKE was developed by the World Bank Institute, the learning and knowledge arm of the World Bank Group, and directed by alternate reality game master Jane McGonigal.

Investigate Episode Seven

Posted by Alchemy on 14 Apr under Investigation Files

Get the facts behind the story. Make yourself an expert.
And discover the 17 secrets of episode seven…

1. Where are extreme fires happening today?

2. What makes Los Angeles so susceptible to extreme fires?

3. Do we really face more “fire weather” in the future?

4. Where in the world will extreme fire weather increase most over the next decade?

5. What’s Ushahidi?

6. How has Ushahidi saved real lives?

7. What is it like to serve as an Ushahidi crisis volunteer?

8. How can I get involved with the Ushahidi project? Can I help develop it?

9. What are those crazy vehicles the EVOKE team is riding?

10. What do they look like in action?

11. Were they really invented by a college student?

12. Could an overpass really collapse in a fire?

13. Who is Alejandro Aravena?

14. What are elemental houses?

15. How do hexayurts work?

16. What’s “urban resilience”?

17. What’s the relationship between sustainability and urban resilience?

Keep the investigation going…
Did you spot other clues about the future in episode seven? Post them here!
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10 Responses to “Investigate Episode Seven”

  1. Robert B. Lewis

    Hey guys thanks for the information, much appreciated. Here’s how we get the ball rolling for the people of Haiti:

    1. A group of individuals from Habitat for Humanity needs to arrive in Haiti and report directly to Sean Penn. Once this is done, the Hexayurt construction methodology will get the media exposure it deserves.

    2. The US Army Corps of Engineers is part of the various cluster groups in Haiti there labs could be used for running structural testing and analysis. If that process takes too long; there are movie studios/sets in Hollywood that could simulate a driving rain with a 100 mph wind. The wind load has to be looked at like the gentleman said. They just had an earthquake in China, so there engineers might look at this idea as well.

    3. Once a design has been tested and approved, the men and women of the Navy’s Mobile Construction Battalion in Haiti could probably build 75 to 100 shelters per day.
    The Haiti crisis portal is the best interagency site I have ever seen. If World Bank has an operations center they definitely need to be looking at this site. Once again guys thank you for this information. The woman in the Washington Post article said that she was praying that GOD would change her life. Were not GOD but we can make a difference?




  2. Buffy B

    I am learning so much playing this ‘game’, I love Evoke!

    Here’s a conference coming up to do with Resilient Cities http://www.gaininggroundsummit.com/

    “Our 2010 conference is focused on the idea that North American cities—in partnership with their respective states and provinces—need to plan and act as the de facto leaders of an ecological project that includes climate action, and which is really about designing and implementing complete new strategies for sustaining a healthy economy and social well-being while profoundly reducing inputs in energy and all other forms of natural capital.”

  3. steve ward

    i really liked the DTV Shredder looks like loads of fun and can go places reg stuff can not go.

  4. David Covert

    Urban emergencies often involve the loss of power, and therefore cell towers, Reconfiguring phones into an ad-hoc network may be necessary.
    Here is some planning in that direction: http://ideas.4brad.com/node/276
    Also, hand powered chargers will come in handy.

    Of course, the establishment of solar powered micro-cells throughout an urban neighborhood provides a permanent infrastructure for Ushahidi-type data gathering and distribution. VNL in India provides such a system ( http://www.vnl.in/technology/). Home-brew solutions are also possible; http://www.off-grid.net/2007/06/27/solar-powered-wireless-internet/

  5. Bill Wilkie

    1. Fire fighting deals with the symptom and is very expensive…Public policy implies that we deal with the causality even when it will upset a small but vocal segment of the voters.
    2. Indivdual Action, e.g., buying your own firefighting equipment cannot replace collaboration.
    3. Even local public policy can be tinkering with symptoms, e.g., limiting the urban sprawl when the real underlying cause is CLIMATE CHANGE.
    4. The underlying cause is often a SYSTEM/INTERDISCIPLING problem.
    5. Patterns often lead beyond the isolated symptom to an underlying cause.
    6. The most creative people are young…between 9 and 25.
    7. There are always unanticipated and unintended consequences.
    8. Simple is often the elegant solution.

  6. Robert B. Lewis

    The wind is blowing! It is blowing a volcanic ash cloud across Europe. The tree that needs to bend is air travel in Africa so that worldwide logistics does not break. One of the major problems in Africa is that you can travel North and South with ease but not east and west. Forget passenger flights for a second and let’s focus on air freight and VIP’s. If my business was going to go under this week if I did not get a shipment of circuit boards by COB Friday, it would be time to hit the panic switch. Airfields in Africa need to be utilized to the maximum. Look at the photo in the story below. If an AWACS aircraft can land and refuel then a 737, 757,767 and A300 might be able to do so as well. Agents can we EVOKE this right quick for our sponsors at World Bank? If you have been doing your reading then you know that the Rothschild’s coined the phrase time is money. What to Evoke? Can a shipment of goods get from LA to France right now? Can we fly from LA to Rio, from Rio to Dakar, Dakar to Addis Ababa and from Addis to Italy? From Italy the shipment could go by ground transportation. Are there any alternate routes? Rio to Johannesburg and Johannesburg to Addis Ababa/Italy might be the quickest route. Thank guys and have an enjoyable evening.



  7. Robert B. Lewis

    It appears as if this off-grid power thing works!




  8. Robert B. Lewis

    Okay I got to get some sleep but here goes. Fly a global hawk(s) along the normal air routes between the US and Europe. Time permitting because you are loosing $200 Million per day, equip the global hawk with the same type of sensors used to gather the data for the P-3 DOD report issued in 2009. If this is successful start flying freight (FedEX-UPS). When those flights arrive safely start flying passengers. The insurance companies will call this an act of GOD so you know who will pick up the tab



  9. Andres Montero

    I can’t stop to think about the need for fire and heat for coking raw foods and killing bacteria in it. As the communities like the survivors from Haiti do have food but are in need of fuels to cook; Solar Ovens are a great and fast (but permanent) solution for cooking, heating and also avoiding open fires. Here is some information on the solar oven project. http://www.solarovens.org/sossport.html

    Here is some stories of how it can change radically the way we interact with fuels and with our resources. http://www.solarhaven.org/SolarCooking.htm

    I will leave you with this thought:

    In Chad, Africa -
    “On the first day, the women walk to the nearest place where wood can be gathered. On the second day, they search for firewood. The third day is spent carrying the wood on their backs home to the village”

    “The world can choose sunlight or further deforestation,
    solar cooking or widespread starvation.”
    – Audubon Magazine -

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