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EVOKE was developed by the World Bank Institute, the learning and knowledge arm of the World Bank Group, and directed by alternate reality game master Jane McGonigal.

Heroes: Hear us sing

Posted by Calida DeBello on 17 Apr under Heroes of the Week, People and Ideas

(Hear us sing? You bet. Read through to the end! This especially applies to the middle and high school students we know are following EVOKE)

In Week 6 EVOKE looked at the situation with women’s rights and gender power over the globe, from the horrors of abuse (as reported by Julio Cesar Corona Ortega in breaking the cycle of violence) to disempowerment in terms of education and access (reported by Evo in her post about empowering women through media).

Agent Claudia Flores Saviaga is a hero for her report on gender politics in Mexico, which several gamerunners found to be insightful about the nature of entrenched problems with achieving gender parity. Agent Robyn Stegman of the USA is a hero for taking action on Mission 6 and raising money for Dhamma Moli and its mission to thwart human trafficking.

Mission 5: Money – the Controversy Continues. On top of her many bulletins about initiatives in Grahamstown, Agent Kirsten Moore of South Africa is a hero for her post about barter and the Local Exchange Trading System, which is sparking a very interesting discussion about the value of money; Agent Rahul Dewanjee of India is a hero for his contributions here and in many, many other economic and financial discussions. In the face of fiscal adversity, Agent Rebecca Gillman of the Philippines heroically researches and establishes the becbuck. And Agent Turil Cronburg, a Hero already, provokes much thought with her ideas about Nature’s Gift Economy and her own week-long action to reap its dividends (here’s her wrapup).

Missions 4 and 3: Water and Energy. Agent MoE (Stefano Cieri) of Italy, a hero already, inspires with his posts about Dr. John Todd and the biorepair of environments with Living Machines, and his vision of Human Rights Day 2020. Agent Yumna Moosa of South Africa is a hero herself for connecting with Trevor Mulaudzi, the hero she’s shadowing, and opening the door to a collaborative clean water project, Clean Shop! Agent Julio Cesar Corona Ortega is a hero for the workable, viable twist he adds to solar power.

Missions 1 and 2: Social Innovation and Food Security. You can be a hero even if you are just starting out. Agent Emma Clarke of Australia is one for her thoughtful post about “don’t fight culture” – including the one you’re in. And Johan Sundqvist of Swedenis a hero for his action supporting a local ecobox: getting his food from local sources and connecting to the land.

Agent Samiran Roy is a hero for establishing the EVOKE Ongoing Projects Thread, a place where any EVOKE agent can find a summary of the projects that agents have started – a fantastic place for newcomers in particular to get started with their collaborations to change the world, as well as a way for all agents to share ideas and constructive criticism with the project runners.

Agent Ursula Kochanowsky is a hero for her Evokation ideaher forthright call for help and her courage through this challenging process. To me, Ursula is showing exactly what an Evokation is all about: an idea, collaboration, courage and spark.

And let’s acknowledge right here the Unknown Heroes: the people with great ideas, helpful comments and generous spirit, who have made great contributions – those who haven’t yet appeared on these pages through no fault of their own.

Finally, this is brilliant: Agent Justin Miyamoto is a hero for getting us to collectively and collaboratively write and perform the EVOKE song(s). (Justin’s got complete instructions.)

I urge all EVOKE Agents to give this a listen and contribute if you can; it’s for a cause we can all get behind.  – Calida, for Nathaniel, Mita, Chelsea, Ronald, Simon, Ken, Josh, and the rest of the gamerunner team

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