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EVOKE was developed by the World Bank Institute, the learning and knowledge arm of the World Bank Group, and directed by alternate reality game master Jane McGonigal.

Resilient Heroes

Posted by Calida DeBello on 22 Apr under Heroes of the Week, People and Ideas

EVOKEThis week, some heroic questions.

Are we doomed? Agent Iron Helix is a hero for his reasoned, thought-provoking treatise on the grand flows of civilizations and societies (or, “why I’m a doomer”) that’s sparked some great discussions and ideas. Agent Ezra Ho is a hero for his alternate view: in 2020, a world beyond consumerism, which has embraced a Resource-Based Economy.

Are we up for a challenge? Agent Julio Cesar Corona Ortega, a hero already, has a great challenge: the world-changing gory MMORPG. Agent Chris Ke Sihai is a hero when he challenges EVOKE to help dislodge good ideas such as Jane Chen’s Embrace for preemie babies from old production models and put them into the hands of mothers everywhere. Both these challenges are great ideas for Evokations and you (yes, you) are invited to join in!

Can we get to the next level in global health? Agent Reema is a hero for urging us to walk a mile with the feet of someone who has no shoes, calling attention to the health problems that shoes prevent. Agent Alexandra Chauran is a hero for her IMAGINE idea, a vision of how investments in prenatal health care pay off. And Agent opelo kuda ndikimbela is a hero for her ACT idea, asking children for their wisdom on issues such as HIV/AIDS.

Can cities survive? Agent Reem N Bsaiso is a hero for her blueprint for instilling resilience into a community, starting with communities in Jordan. Agent and Mentor Vinay Gupta (Hexayurt Project) is a hero for his excellent video on Urban Resilience. And among the scores of agents who have posted well-researched and well-imagined reports about the resilience of their communities, Agent Roger Briggs is a hero for his disaster preparedness ideas for Wichita, Kansas, USA.

Can we get to the truth of “food security”? Agent Margie Alsbrook is a hero because she questions the various, even contradictory ways we talk about “food security.” Agent Lana Lovasic is a hero for her photos showing local food resilience taking place: making natural pesticides and fertilizers and low-cost farming in South Africa. Agent Benjamin Michael Jones is a hero for confronting the dilemmas of localized food in a tourism-fixated world, and similarly Agent Tanja Jauk is a hero for her start on open, honest questioning about the food situation where she lives in Austria.

Can we spark great improvement in gender equality and freedom? Seems we can. Agent Recania Burger is a hero for taking simple, direct action to empower girls in her community. And Agent Gilda Lorena Arias, a hero already, deserves mention again for this ACT photo on empowering women.

by Gilda Lorena Arias

What is up with that money thing anyway? Agent Murray Sterley is a hero for his vision of the future of money: keyed to human capital, not to profit. Meanwhile, Agent Iyamuremye Jean de Dieu, a hero already, ponders the true meaning and consequences of development in Rwanda.

Things like water and energy – can I really make a difference? Agent NANGAR SOOMRO is a hero for accomplishing two ACT missions at once: saving water and saving energy by rethinking how water gets heated where he lives in Pakistan.

I’m just starting EVOKE! Can I still make a difference? Apparently yes. Agent Tanya P. has made one post, but she’s a hero because she’s shared what it takes to be positive and why that’s so valuable.

I’m just starting EVOKE! Who’s doing good work? Agent A.V.Koshy is a hero for collaboratively putting together a list of interesting agents (also see his Autism Evokation). This list tends toward the intellectual; for a fuller spectrum of EVOKE’s good works, you might start with the Heroes List on the EVOKE Leader Cloud. Plus it must be said: EVOKE is far, far bigger than these lists put together! I encourage you to make your own discoveries.

And finally, Can you Win The Planet? Agent Alexandru Ragalie is a hero for the Save The World Lottery, a great Evokation idea.

“This is one of my favorite EVOKATIONS so far,” says Simon, our resident Evokation enthusiast.

Again, we acknowledge the Unknown Heroes of EVOKE: the people who are setting their own goals and challenges and meeting them, the people who quietly (perhaps) are giving to the collective intelligence and wisdom and taking away individual insights. Our hats off to you – Calida, for Nathaniel, Simon, Mita, Gene, Ronald, Batandwa, Ken, Chelsea, Lauren and the rest of  EVOKE

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  1. Alexandru Ragalie

    Thank you very much guys for all the support and congratulations to all the other Heroes that got featured :)

  2. Gilda Lorena Arias

    Thank you very much!!!

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