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EVOKE was developed by the World Bank Institute, the learning and knowledge arm of the World Bank Group, and directed by alternate reality game master Jane McGonigal.

Forge your EVOKE Legacy

Posted by Ken Eklund on 24 Apr under How to EVOKE, Investigation Files, News

EVOKE, your 10-week crash course on changing the world, ends on May 12, which is coming up fast. Time for us to think about collectively we’ve accomplished and what individually we can do in the time that remains!

EVOKATIONS. Many agents are working on Evokations, which is to say, they are proposing ways to put an idea into action, with our help. You can read all about Evokations right here, and here’s what an Evokation might look like. A powerful element of the Evokation is its list of Mentors – that is, the experienced social entrepreneurs that have signed on to mentor the people with successful Evokations. You can read about them here and here and here.

Evokations are not for everyone, though. Most of us won’t be able to file one, or take time from our lives. So what is our EVOKE legacy? There are two, no, three – very strong options. Choose all that apply to you:

1) EVOKE CERTIFICATION. Can you complete one of each week’s Missions (LEARN, ACT, or IMAGINE) plus all 10 Quests? And will they pass the review after you submit them? If so, you will earn the Certificate that says you have passed the ten-week crash course in changing the world. NOTE: the Certification is like an exam. You submit it, it is reviewed and graded for relevance and effort. No make-up exam! Submit your best work.

2) FOUNDING MEMBER. Step up and complete just one of the Missions (LEARN, ACT, IMAGINE for any week) to be listed as an EVOKE Founding Member.

3) I CHANGED MYSELF. For the vast majority of EVOKE agents, this is the grand prize. We have come to EVOKE to learn (and maybe tell a little bit about what we know). We have reviewed and appreciated the contributions of others, contributed some relevant viewpoints ourselves; we have given our energy and we are coming away daunted maybe by what we have learned, but energized by what we have shared.

I am going to step out of the game for a moment, and point out what is actually going on here. The fictitious characters Alchemy, Calida, Ember, Quinn, Eureka and Cipher have created a new type of classroom, one without walls. At their behest, people from all over the world have joined together in this classroom, one in which each person is by turns both student and teacher. This classroom has thousands of people in it, and together they have focused on the most intractable problems facing the world today. They have done this without conflict for the most part; they have done this with serious intent and goodwill for the most part. EVOKE’s missions are their lesson plans, the Evidence is their assignments, and the Quests measure their progress.

We have created new ideas for solving very tough problems. That is awesome. But beyond that, we are showing the world a new way to solve its problems. EVOKE has attracted a lot of attention in this regard, especially from middle-grade students on up and their teachers, and no wonder: they want to know if this is the start for the classroom of the future.

If I change myself, I change others. This is the lesson I’ve gotten from EVOKE. I will be working hard to forge my legacy on EVOKE as a positive one, to set my goals for the time remaining and to put my highest self on its pages, mindful that I am in a schoolroom and the students of the future are with me. In the time that remains, I hope you all do the same.

6 Responses to “Forge your EVOKE Legacy”

  1. buffyb

    I CHANGED MYSELF, I WILL CHANGE OTHERS, that definitely will be my prize.

    I have been inspired to do things locally and globally in my own small way, been motivated to make the effort required to make these changes and have learned so much it makes my head spin!

    Thank you Urgent Evoke for putting spark in my life which I intend to keep sparkling bright in a brand new way.

  2. a.v.koshy

    dear ken,
    i/we are a bit confused
    too much work on hand in real life as it is
    can we submit whatever we have done starting straightaway so that we are not pressed for time
    if you leave an email to send work to for instance
    ican submit my 8 acts, learns and imaignes and eight quests soon after tidying them up and my evokation -as far as it’s reached – and i can then submit the rest of the things later
    this will help a lot, please

  3. Ken Eklund

    Hi A.V., thanks for the question. There’s no need to submit your Quests and Missions any place other than on UrgentEvoke.com. The reviewers will be looking at the work submitted as Quests and as Evidence. Just be sure each bit of Evidence is labeled (tagged) LEARN1, IMAGINE4, etc. so the reviewers can locate it.

    So tidy up the Evidence online: make sure it’s relevant to the mission and shows some effort.

    We can’t be accepting Evidence via email (or any other form), or past the deadline. EVOKE is an educational endeavor, similar to a college seminar, and as colleges do we have a required procedure.

    The Evokations are also submitted online as a blog post or a video, by May 12. The full information is at the links I listed in the story above. Look forward to seeing the work!

  4. a.v.koshy


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