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EVOKE was developed by the World Bank Institute, the learning and knowledge arm of the World Bank Group, and directed by alternate reality game master Jane McGonigal.

Investigate Episode Nine

Posted by Alchemy on 28 Apr under Investigation Files

Get the facts behind the story. Make yourself an expert.
And discover the 17 secrets of Episode Nine…

1. Why is a deadly flu epidemic likely to start near the Pearl River?
2. What is infodemiology?
3. How can online data help reveal how the flu is spreading?
4. What were some of the real social innovations during the H1N1 pandemic?
5. What else should I know about how to respond in the early stages of a deadly flu outbreak?
6. What’s a dark site?
7. How do I design a dark site?
8. What kind of open platform would Ember use to help patients SMS doctors?
9. What’s the most amazing thing a mobile phone could do to help diagnose disease?
10. What other kinds of mobile medical applications are being developed today?
11. How can mobile phones help connect rural doctors with a global network?
12. Where’s Shipai — and what’s an “urban village”?
13. What’s microfranchising?
14. What are micro-clinics, and where are they being tested?
15. How might “distributed triage” really work?
16. How did the EVOKE team manage to arrange cubesats in a custom constellation?
17. How could you really get cubesats to reflect light back to Earth, as if they were stars?

Keep the investigation going…
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9 Responses to “Investigate Episode Nine”

  1. Robert B. Lewis



    Someone said that the Chinese are coming to Africa in large numbers.



    I am glad this is the last episode, Evoke is starting to effect my marriage. After this week I should be able to focus on my studies as well; 2/2 by July.


    Maybe this weekend I can get back to doing the husband thing. The UE Agent thing is cool but you have to stay balanced.
    I don’t see nothing wrong!!


  2. Robert B. Lewis

    If the United States and Western Europe go broke who will pick up the financial slack for the international community? Programs like Pepfar and the Global Fund are bank rolled by the US @ the 90% level. Will the Chinese, Russians or Arabs contribute there share in the absence of the US? 2020 is not that far off. Greece will be the first Democracy to default on loans, then the international community will say that Democracy is not what the World is looking for and seek an alternative form of World Government. Some type of all knowing king. Whatever!! Life was simpler at one time. I use to dance in Clubs until the early morning hours in Spain. Now I wonder about things like how drug companies make money selling products in the third world when the people there cannot pay for them. The R&D, production and distribution is taken care of just because these folks “Care About Africans”. These companies drain our Federal Government of badly needed funds and experiment on people just to see what happens. I learned this week that a males chances of contracting AIDS decrease by 60% just by having the foreskin removed. Wow they been doing that for 4000 years. The instructor said that if we had an AIDS vaccine that worked 60% of the time that would be incredible. So get circumsized and stay faithful to your marriage and dont worry about AIDS regardless of what country you live in. I think thats written down somewhere!! If you dont want to take it there then remember the ABC’s of AIDs prevention. Whatever!! Good night, going to finish listening to Madonna and go to bed



    UN running out of Cash??



    EVOKE Agents could case a great Commotion


    Peace Train; dude can you get a visa??



  3. Robert B. Lewis

    500,000 IT enabled individuals


  4. nomadHAR

    18. Why do governments and corporations fear and villainize anonymous news sources?


  5. Robert B. Lewis

    This report investigates and finds evidence of racial discrimination against black professional grade employees at the World Bank. The report, which documents the treatment of these employees in recruitment, retention and internal judicial decisions, finds that a race ceiling exists at the institution, and that the Bank’s legal system fails to address racial discrimination adequately. Specifically, the report details that of over 3,500 professional grade World Bank staff worldwide (more than 1,000 of whom are Americans), there are only four black Americans. (Annexes).

    WB could hire me on for 18-24 months. That would up the number of blacks to 5!


  6. Robert B. Lewis

    I have seen satellites reflect light back to earth as they fly over head. The space shuttle does this as well as the international space station. TV will always play a big factor in diaster assistance. The following CNN video shows how the AF send messages with the Commando Solo platform. Enjoy


  7. Robert B. Lewis

    Individuals in Africa can use a cellphone SMS messages to contacts clinics when a person is bitten by a snake. The clinic can access the World Health Organizations snake bite database and recommend treatment.

    Les personnes en Afrique peut utiliser un téléphone portable des messages SMS à des cliniques contacts quand une personne est mordue par un serpent. La clinique peut accéder à la base de données mondiale de la santé Organisations morsure de serpent et de recommander un traitement.




    Language Translator:


    Working all the time for EVOKE:


  8. Robert B. Lewis

    Sean looks like he is going to have a nervous breakdown in Haiti. The technology piece looks good; I mean he can send an email to Sanjay on his Black Berry, but who is going to pay for the medications. Sean also mentions that the vaccines need to be refrigerated; you need power for that; some type of generator(s). Generators require fuel; you need money to by fuel and Generators. The Remittance issue has been solved for awhile now. Individuals can get money into the country via Western Union, up to $500 dollars at a time. Countries pledge allot when there at the UN but in reality this money hardly ever reaches the people who are in need. One must remember if a Diplomat/Donor says yes, they mean perhaps, if a Diplomat/Donor says perhaps they mean no, and if a Diplomat/Donor say no; it means that they are not a Diplomat/Donor.



    Are we Kings without a crown?


  9. Robert B. Lewis

    Something like this would be cool for EVOKE Super agents:


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