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EVOKE was developed by the World Bank Institute, the learning and knowledge arm of the World Bank Group, and directed by alternate reality game master Jane McGonigal.

Heroes of Living Knowledge

Posted by Calida DeBello on 29 Apr under Heroes of the Week, People and Ideas

This week, a countdown. But first, some announcements:

For TEACHERS: Agent Chris Ke Sihai wants to start EVOKE 1.5, a site that teachers can use after EVOKE is officially over. If this is something you would like to use, let him know. For all of us: Agent Shakwei Mbindyo urges us to join the Davos conversation about Visions for Africa: let our voices be heard!

LEARN8: Agent Meira Datiya is a hero for reminding us that the best knowledge is that we arrive at ourselves, from various and primary sources and through honest inquiry.

ACT8: Among a very very crowded field of EVOKE superhero symbols, I’ll highlight two: Agent Ana Maria Luiza Barbuta of Iceland is a Hero for her Tribal Labrys (right). And the ever-resourceful Agent PJE is a hero for her handcarved mother symbol. You should look at them all, though: one way to start is by searching the EVOKE Evidence for “symbol” (or for “symbol1” to reveal the original Symbol Challenge by Agent Ninmah). And if your symbol is not in there, get busy and add one!

LEARN7: A Hero already, Agent Claudia Flores Saviaga offers this great suggestion on how to use Ushahidi: to monitor fair elections. ACT7: Agent Reid Falconer continues a long line of successful mission actions and earns his Hero badge with his SMART LIVING campaign.

IMAGINE6: Agent J.J is a hero for his vision of gender equality 2020.

ACT5: Agent happyseaurchin is a hero for his macro-scale microfinance game – all you need are 10 friends, 10 quid, and a month. And speaking of Agent Ninmah, she’s a hero this week for either her startling IMAGINE5 vision of an alternative currency in the year 2020 or for her discussion-sparking ACT3 post on the mysterious human-powered sewing machine 2.0, take your pick!

ACT4, ACT3: Agent Gillian Robinson of South Africa is a hero for finding Cynthia Koenig and the Water Roller, a device that helps people get the water they need with less energy.

LEARN2: A Hero already, Agent Patricio Buenrostro-Gilhuys deserves recognition again for the weekly blog roundups he sends to his friends, which always contain some excellent, often overlooked, ideas… and for this well-presented and extremely thought-provoking idea for making food production as resilient as the Internet.

LEARN1: Agent Elora Ramirez is a hero for her post reminding us what in the end is the deepest thing we share: stories.

QUIET TIME. As we enter our last two weeks of EVOKE, gamerunner Ken urges us to reflect on the learning that we’ve sparked and will continue to spark, and urges us to forge a worthy legacy in the time that remains. Some words to consider, taken from this exchange:

In my opinion that is one of the obvious learning aspects of [EVOKE]. If you get a bunch of people together, all coming from diverse backgrounds, with both different and similar goals, they are bound to have feedback which will inevitable contribute to the game. I think one of the questions is, how will each player of the game, improve the game simply by playing it? There is some responsibility for the programmers, developers, etc. But, the real responsibility to change the game, lies in the people playing the game. One doesn’t have a successful community by telling someone else to fix the community. One has a successful community because each and every person IS the community. As you both have mentioned, it is a work in progress and a living organism. For it to exist in a state of perfection would be, unnatural. Evoke must evolve, as part of its nature. The people playing Evoke, must also evolve, for that is the only way Evoke can.

Thank you, Agent Catrina Cuevas, for your wise words.

Calida, for Mita, Ronald, Batandwa, Nathaniel, Ken, Simon and the rest of the EVOKE team

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