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EVOKE was developed by the World Bank Institute, the learning and knowledge arm of the World Bank Group, and directed by alternate reality game master Jane McGonigal.


Posted by Alchemy on 02 May under How to EVOKE, evokation

1. When are EVOKATIONS due?
May 19, 11:59 Pacific Time.

2. How do I submit my EVOKATION?
There are two key steps to submit your EVOKATION:

1) Share your EVOKATION on the EVOKE network. Post it as a blog, photo essay, video, or any combination of the above. Be sure to tag it “EVOKATION.”

2) If you wish to be considered for awards, you must also EMAIL the URL (or URLs) of your EVOKATION evidence to urgentevoke@gmail.com. Please include your REAL NAME, ADDRESS, PHONE NUMBER and DATE OF BIRTH in your email submission. This information will remain private and will not be published or shared with anyone without your explicit permission. In order to be eligible for a mentorship, scholarship, or seed funding you MUST include this information.

3. How will I know my EVOKATION has been received?
You will receive an email confirming receipt of the evokation — but ONLY after you submit a link to urgentevoke@gmail.com.

4. What do I need to include in my EVOKATION?
You can read about the format of the EVOKATION here!

Most importantly:
Your EVOKATION should answer ALL four key questions listed in the format.
And if you wish to be considered for mentorships, travel scholarships or seed funding, you must also email your real full name, phone number, address, and date of birth to urgentevoke@gmail.com. Include this information for ALL team members.

5. Can I submit a “group” or “team” EVOKATION?
Yes! Be sure to describe in detail what the role of each team member will be. Who is responsible for what? Which skills and knowledge does each team member add to the group?

6. Is there any advantage or disadvantage to submitting as a team?
No — both individuals and teams will be considered equally.

7. What are the criteria on which the EVOKATIONS will be judged?
We will be looking for individuals and teams who have a clear and specific plan for solving a social problem, creatively.
In particular, your EVOKATION should follow the 4 rules of EVOKING.

8. Who will be evaluating the EVOKATIONS?
For mentorships, travel scholarships to the summit, and seed funding of $1000, the EVOKATIONS will be evaluated by: a team of World Bank Institute senior education specialists, the EVOKE mentors and the EVOKE creators will be evaluating the submissions.

You will also receive advice and feedback from other EVOKE agents! Their ideas and insight can help you advance your EVOKATION goals whether or not you receive a formal EVOKE mentorship, funding, and scholarship.

9. Can I see an example of a great EVOKATION?
This is the first time we’ve run EVOKE, so there aren’t winning EVOKATION examples yet. But you should look very closely at successful submissions to other social innovation challenges to get a good idea of the kind of detail and thoughtfulness that can make your EVOKATION stand out. The submissions for Changemaker competitions are a great place to start. You can also review the EVOKATION advice here.

10. Can I submit more than one EVOKATION, or submit as part of multiple teams?
Yes. But we do encourage you to focus on one truly outstanding idea, and creating one really fantastic evokation — it will improve your chances of really standing out.

11. Who can I earn a mentorship with?
You can see the full mentor list on the blog.

12. When and where is the EVOKE summit?
It will be in Washington, DC in October 2010. Winners of travel scholarships to the summit will have the full costs of the trip provided. The World Bank Institute will also provide a letter of support to assist with the winners’ application for a travel VISA to the United States.

13. Can I ask for a specific mentor in my EVOKATION?
Yes! If you have a specific mentor in mind from our list, you can mention that. We will be sure to share your EVOKATIOn with that mentor and let them know you are interested in working with them. All mentors have the opportunity to review the submissions and select the EVOKATION they most wish to mentor.

14. Can I ask for a specific kind of support — whether I really want a mentorship, or seed funding of $1000, or a travel scholarship summit to Washington DC?
Yes! If you believe your project would benefit from one kind of support in particular, please mention this is in your submission. You can also rank the kinds of support in order of priority if you would like to be considered for all 3.

15. When will we find out who has received EVOKATION support?
The mentorships and travel scholarships will be announced in early June. We will work over the summer with outstanding EVOKATION projects to help ensure seed funding for as many great projects as possible.

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  1. sunnydupree

    Wow man I wish I had not fallen asleep. dang it all. I missed out.

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  3. Samiran

    When will the transcript of the the chat be put up?

  4. Luke


    Do you know if you have to complete all the missions in order to be eligible for Online Mentorships/Scholarships, etc.? Or can you qualify by simply submitting your Evokation?



  5. Robert Hawkins

    Hi Luke,

    You have to complete at least 10 missions and 10 quests — one mission each week. This will also qualify you for a certificate of completion.



  6. Turil

    For the format of the submission, are we allowed to add a general summary at the beginning? Or do we have to start with the “place” section?

  7. buffyb

    Hi, is there an exact date and venue location for the Evoke Summit yet, I know it’s in October in Washington. Thanks.

  8. Robert Hawkins

    Hi Turil,
    Please use the format that best communicates your idea. As long as you address the 4 aspects required for the EVOKATION.

  9. Aseel Honein

    I already posted my question in the wrong place :)
    so will I be able to post evokation blog after the 12th ? Thanks

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