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EVOKE was developed by the World Bank Institute, the learning and knowledge arm of the World Bank Group, and directed by alternate reality game master Jane McGonigal.

Welcome to the EVOKE Network

Posted by Alchemy on 10 May under News

This is not a simulation. You are about to tackle real problems.

Food security. Energy. Water security. Disaster relief. Poverty. Pandemic. Education. Global conflict. Human rights.

Welcome to the Evoke Network. Welcome to your crash course in changing the world.

There’s an old saying here: ”If you have a problem, and you can’t solve it alone, evoke it.”

When we evoke, we look for creative solutions. We use whatever resources we have. We get as many people involved as possible. We take risks. We come up with ideas that have never been tried before.

An evoke is an urgent call to innovation. Evoking first started in Africa, but it can happen anywhere. And if you found this message, then it is your destiny to join us.

Join the EVOKE Network now. Your first EVOKE mission is ready:

Read episode one
Investigate episode one
Investigate the trailer

Hurry. Complete any one of the Missions (LEARN, ACT, IMAGINE for any week) or Quests by Wednesday, May 12, 2010, to be listed as an EVOKE Founding Member.

24 Responses to “Welcome to the EVOKE Network”

  1. Jarrett Wold

    Is this official or unofficial?


  2. Alchemy

    Official, please join and use it as you wish.

  3. Hala Khuri

    How long does it take for membership to be approved? I’ve been pending for so long!!

  4. Alchemy

    All memberships will be approved on March 3, 2010, when the game begins!

  5. Lori Shyba

    Midnight Launch in what time zone? GMT what??

  6. Alchemy

    GMT stands for Greenwich Mean Time. That’s our local time in Senegal

  7. ForeignOreo

    I think that the game is wierd. I’d love to understand the importance of such game. It’s like blog place that wANTS UR INFORMATION. It’s really awesome…..to give away everything u know and love to a game. Won’t you be so proud?

    I just read a story about the game “EVOKE” because my teacher made us. The game seems nice, but I don’t know if I’d actually play this game on my free time. I wonder if it would be like Haiti: cost of life. I love the story line, I really do. But, I wouldn’t play it on my spare time, only if I had to. The storyline keeps me not board because it talked about Japan! YEAH!

    One line from the story “I wouldn’t EXACTALLY pass as a HARAJUKU GIRL” really got my attention. It stood out because she could pass off as a harajuku girl, she could be a ganguro girl. They paint, or tan, their faces black to get a darker skin tone. They do this because of the people in California have dark skin from surfing. That is why it stood out to me.

    This doen’t remind me of anything that could happen to me. If it does happen in 2020, then that’s different.

    I wouldn’t like to read anything like that because it wouldn’t get my attention at all, meaning, I’d never try to get any enthusiasm out of it.

    Well, I think that the game seems fun. I’d like to try it, I wonder how many people know about the reason behind the game is to show that you can use games in real life. I might not play this game on my free time, but I know it would be better then that Aiyti game.

    The trailer was informitive. The husban drew the art while the wife did the storyline and all that Jazz. They make a pretty good team, using their time wisely and creating a game that can benefit us in many way more than one. The trailer had good background music.

    This is what I think about this game: “EVOKE”

  8. Jeff Brain

    A group that has been doing this in education is rafi.ki

    Their twitter feeds include the likes of this:


    Jimiyke Bett is a teacher, but former child blood diamond soldier in Sierra Leone.

  9. Martin Luther Oketch

    it is importance because it touches day to day real issue that affect life around the world.

  10. Dee Hellis

    Take a risk, think big and it gives those of us who may have a plan to express that. I truly hope the next great person who has solutions is found soon. Compassion is another great skill that will be needed to address the real issues.

  11. esa pims

    I accept your challenge. I will do my best. We will band together and fordge a new future. It is not enough to change the course of the world, we must improve it, and correct it.

  12. Cybil Hatter

    I really like the thought of this game. I love the concepts presented, and the idea that games could have such a profound future.

    I have one request. I am one of many out there that seems to stumble on your games a little too late. I missed the launch of superstruct too. I just wish your sites didn’t make me feel so lonely. I know that you’re just trying to get us all excited about playing the game, but with all of the tutorial information so filled with prize info, I’m left feeling like “Why should I bother with this at all if the big event is all over?”. I feel like this is not the case, I know your team would want people looking at this site for the next 15 years. I do want to play, I do believe in your message, I am sticking around. But please, my request is that you put up a pop up or something, anything that assured us, “Hey! Sorry you missed us, but, the game is still going! Please join our community and help us continue to Evoke!”.

  13. Sarah Shaw Tatoun

    Cybil– it’s not over- you can join any time. I just joined today and have already completed several items. Just go to your profile and click on the different missions – and ‘accept mission’ to start.

    I just wish this game could be simpler and more straightforward to use. I know a lot of very innovative and fascinating people who are just not very computer savvy. They would get lost and give up on this game before they started.

    In fact, a wonderful ‘evoke’ would be to develop systems that allowed older folks– and perhaps even the illiterate– to really use the wonderful resources now available. What an avalanche of talent you would unleash!

  14. Gabriela

    I am really excited to get started since I just joined yesterday… but I am nervous. What are some tips to help me understand the process a little more? I think that it is so amazing that I will be able to actually take action so any comments or help will be greatly appreciated.

  15. Gabriel Martin

    Looking back at these posts, the hope and power is clear, Now, six weeks in we are harnessing the power from this game and it is causing major waves.

  16. john

    Hi, I’ve just started on this great Evoke adventure. Can anybody tell me where I can read the comic strip stories to get me started. I can’t seem to find these little red arrows to flip pages. thx

  17. Thys van der Veer

    Can you help me? I cannot get my blogs posted, because the letters/words needed for verification cannot be read. They stay hidden under the toolbar. What to do?

  18. buffyb

    A reminder to all Agents:

    There is a drop down box in EVIDENCE LOG with a category called “undefined” which means you haven’t categorized your Evidence yet. Be sure do look at these and update. If you deleted an Evidence it will still show up but brings up a missing link message so ignore it.

  19. buffyb

    I checked withThys Van deer Veer and everything’s fine now with blog’s being posted.

  20. Nicholas Wood

    Helps if you put Pacific/Oceanic in the field for the survey.
    I’m from Australia, yet I had to put South East Asia, because its the closest thing.
    Ever considered the issues that affect people in Tuvalu, Republic of Kiribati where if the sea rises 2 metres, then they’re country ceases to exist.

    I see no consideration to the problems that lie in pacific nations.

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  23. john

    i would like to join but im pending approval… i have a great idea .. my name is john pierpont.. and you can find me on face book right now other sites up soon.. project involves technology and sustainability

  24. Emma Richter

    Okay, I know that the game has started already, but is it continuing?

    I started a little while ago, but the little window at the top of my screen still says “Membership Pending Approval”. I don’t know if there is still an administrator checking, and I can’t continue with the game until my membership has been approved. Is there somebody still approving memberships, or are you not accepting new players anymore, or at least at this time?

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