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EVOKE was developed by the World Bank Institute, the learning and knowledge arm of the World Bank Group, and directed by alternate reality game master Jane McGonigal.

Prize Categories Open to All Ages

Posted by Robert Hawkins on 13 May under evokation

Dear EVOKE Agents

When we embarked on this journey, we developed EVOKE and the prize categories — follow up mentorships and scholarships — with a specific target audience in mind — young people throughout the world who were in the early stages of making life and career goals.  We hoped that EVOKE would give them the tools — knowledge, inspiration, courage, and connections to other inspired individuals throughout the world to go out and create change in their communities.

As with many other aspects of this 10 week adventure, we are delighted to see how EVOKE and our original assumptions have evolved and changed.  In light of the tremendous response to EVOKE from agents of ALL ages, we will revise the rules to make ALL players eligible for all prize categories.

Good luck with your EVOKATIONS and looking forward to continuing this journey with you.

7 Responses to “Prize Categories Open to All Ages”

  1. Greg Stevenson

    Us oldies appreciate this rule change. When I was young I used to lay blame at the feet of my elders for the mess the world was in. Back in my teens it was possible nuclear holocaust I was sure was all their fault. Now I am supposedly old and the world is still a mess. Now it is my fault. For the past quarter of a century I’ve been working on a way to fix it. Not how to bandage the symptoms but to actually fix the cause. It would have been a shame to lose an opportunity because someone has decided that an idea born in youthful exuberance is now past its use by date.

  2. Jeremy

    evoke = awesome

  3. Nangar Soomro

    This is great …………………. I am always eligible even during your previous cut off or with now haahhaha

  4. buffyb

    Yay! Another nice thing about Evoke, you’re listening and adjusting :) Thanks!

  5. Urgent Evoke » The Evokation: Due May 19, 2010

    [...] Open To All Ages. [...]

  6. Sylvia Henderson

    I would like to make on parting challenge. I would like every member who reads this to skip one meal/movie/shopping trip and use that money to help others. I am starting a site for a charity I want to do. It is http://bemybuddy.org I met a school owner while in Nigeria and saw firsthand classroom that are sheds without light bulbs and children at school with no food to eat. If each of us would take that little bit of money to buy school materials for these kids they would be so much happier. If they could all be given a meal at school they would be healthier. Are you up to a final challenge ?

  7. Bongumusa

    I hope that EVOKE will last. It was really great to have an input and do something differently rather than working with figures. It was EVOKE start, so there were mistakes and a number of hidden or clear things on the Network. But it was great for all us to learn and grow at the same time. Evokation really help to interact with people. It helps us things as socialist-people who are concerned about their society. We hope that other members from other countries will see that it is not about my colour to come up with something meaningful. I hope that they can accept that we are the same regardless of finance but mentally equal.

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