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EVOKE was developed by the World Bank Institute, the learning and knowledge arm of the World Bank Group, and directed by alternate reality game master Jane McGonigal.

Coming soon: Class of 2010

Posted by Alchemy on 21 May under Behind the scenes

My team is busy reviewing the missions and quests of all of our EVOKE agents, so that we can officially certify the Class of 2010. We need to verify your great work, so that your certificate really stands for something.

Stay tuned for the official Class of 2010 announcement — and a link to your personal certificate of EVOKE completion — in the next few weeks!

12 Responses to “Coming soon: Class of 2010”

  1. a.v.koshy

    ah. finally! thanks.

  2. Nangar Soomro

    We would be gratefull If you can send us Hard Copy of the certificate……… It is really great to be with Evoke and tthe certificate would be a big thing for us….. please please send us HARD copy too. thanks Nangar Soomro

  3. a.v.koshy

    you can just print it out and laminate it, frame it and keept it and put a copy in your cv nangar :)

  4. Nangar Soomro

    Thanks A.V but even than I need a signed coloured posted by WBI ahahhahah thanks anyways.

  5. Robert B. Lewis

    Ive added the certification to my Resume already


    Thanks a million Mr. Alchemy. Our certificate really has to stand for something. I also wish the certificate could be use to apply for academic scholarships into Universities ( especially Universities in the United States, and in the United Kingdom ).

  7. Nangar Soomro

    We are waiting anxiously for Graduation Ceremoney………. When is it???????????

  8. Laura Dawson

    I have not received any certificate. I fully completed two missions and several quests, completed the survey. Am I not a Founding Member?

  9. Michele Baron

    Well, it seems certificates have been issued– has everyone received the general certificate in printer-ready pdf format? The certificate listing “participation” and not any of the specific levels of achievement? And how many of us (including me, i am very sorry to say) do not posess a printer?
    Thank you, WB and UrgentEvoke for the general issuance of certificates. We understand there were thousands of Agent files to review, prior to this process.
    Now, since you presumably have verified, having granted us our various “titles” of achievement, is there some way we can assist you with issuing specific levels of certification– which you touted as one of the rewards of our having completed some, or all of the challenges and missions presented?
    I hope my fellow Agents and Innovators will join me in sending all of you our encouragement and requrst that the “Evokation Certifications” actually reflect the achievements and accomplishments, legendary or otherwise, of each of the Agents who worked so diligently to present their efforts in this very public forum.
    With regards and support of your continued efforts to issue appropriate Certifications to each of us, thank you for Season 1. I am sure any assistance we can offer now, in issuing the promised, appropriately-accredited certificates, will enhance your preparations for Season 2, as well.
    Again, thank you for your consideration and attention. I, we, look forward to your response!!

  10. a.v.koshy

    dear guys
    privs cheteni has not got his certificate
    and i would like to have one that says i participated, completed and am a founding member and a legendary hero
    i’m sure everyone wants to be acknowledged likewise properly as people who didnt just participate but did more

  11. Robert Hawkins

    Thanks very much for the post.

    The certificates took longer than expected to issue due to internal discussion on some of these issues you highlight. As background, we had a number of discussions on the wording of these certificates. This final wording is the official certificate language that WBI uses for all of its learning programs. Moreover, the look is what WBI has determined will be its look for all learning programs. In the end, it was not possible to alter the look or wording of the certificate.

    We also discussed the issue of electronic distribution quite extensively. As few agents were willing to give out physical addresses, we lobbied quite a bit to distribute these certificates electronically. All certificates bear the signature of the WBI vice-president.

    We realize that this solution is not optimal for all participants, however this is the outcome that we reached to enable distribution of the official WBI certificate to as many agents as possible.

    Hope this helps clarify this process.

    Thanks again for your incredible participation during EVOKE.

  12. Sarah Shaw Tatoun

    I must say I am extremely disappointed with this. Here is the wording of the promise made to us when we joined:

    “How to get certified:
    Complete at least one objective from each mission, and all 10 quests. You’ll receive official recognition: World Bank Institute Certified Social Innovator — Class of 2010

    How to get top honors:
    Complete two objectives from each mission, and all 10 quests. You’ll be certified with heroic honors.

    Complete all three objectives from each mission, and all 10 quests. You’ll be certified with legendary honors.”

    And this is what we got:
    “The World Bank Institute awards this certificate to Sarah Shaw Tatoun for having participated in “EVOKE- a crash course in saving the world.”

    Does this really sound to anyone like a reasonable approximation of what we were promised?

    I, for one, would certainly not have participated on the level I did, if I had expected this.

    I am very disappointed. Throughout the first season of Evoke I encouraged people to forgive the many glitches, failures of communication, and changes in mid-stream that we experienced. I thought the difficulties only to be expected in what seemed, despite reports to the contrary, to be a poorly funded, low-priority effort by people whose attention was fully occupied elsewhere. But, I reminded others, certification as a social innovator was an achievement worth putting up with some aggravation for.

    If it is standard WBI policy NOT to give such certification, fine. The solution is simply not to represent the certificates as such. No foul, no harm.

    As things stand, I see no reason to return to either Evoke or any other programs offered by the WBI, nor will I encourage anyone else to do so.

    – Sarah Shaw Tatoun

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