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EVOKE was developed by the World Bank Institute, the learning and knowledge arm of the World Bank Group, and directed by alternate reality game master Jane McGonigal.

What and where will EVOKE be in 5 years?

Posted by Jane McGonigal on 26 Jul under Behind the scenes

As part of our Post-Vita for Season 1 of EVOKE, we brainstormed our best-case scenario futures for where EVOKE might be in 5 years. Here are some of our favorite ideas. What are yours?

GLOBAL UNIVERSITY: Is EVOKE a global university for real-world, action-oriented learning? EVOKE could be the publisher for more traditional education settings — or EVOKE could be the platform/institution where learning takes place. Maybe EVOKE is a leader/innovator in creating a really good melding of a TV story/movie as the foundation for an full educational course. Is it a studio that can produce a number of seasonal shows for education, around different issues?

MEDIA BRAND: Is EVOKE a global, trusted, educational series/entertainment platform like Sesame Street, but for young adults — for young people who want to make their way in the world, and change it? Like Sesame Street is mainstream and localized for infants and kids, EVOKE would be a common content experience for teens/college students EVERYWHERE that teaches some key skills and knowledge. What needs to be “common knowledge” in the future, for young adults?  Not necessarily integrated into formal education — a blend of entertainment, education and real-world action that empowers young people to develop lifelong, world-changing skills and abilities.

SOCIAL GOOD INVESTMENT PLATFORM: Is EVOKE the Kickstarter.com for social innovation? Not giving, not investing (you don’t get your money back) — it’s very personal, you know and interact with the people you’re investing in directly (unlike Kiva).  So part of EVOKE could be serving as a source of fun-fundraising for social enterprises.

CROWDSOURCED SOCIAL BRAINSTORMING & ACTION: Is EVOKE the EVOKE network from the story? Are all the young minds of the world called together periodically to tackle urgent challenges — both ongoing (organized by ministers/presidents/etc) and just-in-time (new crises)? Would the EVOKE network have been called upon during the BP oil crisis? Or the Haiti earthquake?

CROWDSOURCED MICRO-CONTRIBUTIONS: Is EVOKE a real-time dashboard for micro-contributing to social good? Would EVOKE be partnered with Ushahidi to donate time/attention on an ongoing basis? (Ushahidi needs the “slow-burn” participation, in between dramatic crises, not just the urgent just-in-time crises.)

REAL-TIME SOLUTIONS SHARING: Does EVOKE become a kind of Twitter meets Yahoo! Answers? Some kind of control-and-command center for getting known solutions to individuals in the field in developing areas.

EVOKE THE SERIES: Is EVOKE the game an extended audition for EVOKE the reality series that follows the efforts of social innovators to create change/enterprises?

EVOKE HUBS: Are there physical EVOKE centers that serve communities, like libraries or the YMCA? Are the co-working hubs, like The Hub? Could EVOKE partner with existing incubator networks to achieve this kind of distributed physical presence?

AUGMENTED REALITY: The EVOKE augumented reality app/world shows you everyone’s ideas for improving everything and everyspace around you. See innovation possibilities everywhere — offer support to make the ideas real.

THERE IS AN EVOKE API. It fuels all kinds of social innovation work.

One Response to “What and where will EVOKE be in 5 years?”

  1. Monica Sjursen

    I am on an EDAP (Energy Descent Action Plan) committee at a local Transition Group. I would LOVE to use your game in a local fashion challenging members to come up with solutions to possible future scenarios at a local level. It could be a GREAT resource of ideas for how to deal with future peak oil/climate change problems in your own life where you live.

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