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EVOKE was developed by the World Bank Institute, the learning and knowledge arm of the World Bank Group, and directed by alternate reality game master Jane McGonigal.

What will happen in Season 2?

Posted by kiyashmonsef on 28 Jul under Behind the scenes

At the end of the first season of EVOKE, players proposed ideas for the future of the game.

At our post-game meeting today, the lead team read through every suggestion posted to the site, and pulled our favorite suggestions and ideas for the future of EVOKE.

Here are some of the great ideas that have inspired us, and that we’re going to be working hard to implement in the future:

“I would want mentor status or something that separated me from season 2 new players.”

- Agent darklogos

“Maybe have an open week where people can write about what they are passionate about- regardless of what week it is in the game. I know people can do this at any time just by blogging, but Im saying let them earn some kind of game credit for it, and designate a week or so to it specifically.”

- Agent Peter Miloradovich

“perhaps, they could split the learn, act and imagine task into a three week period. So the first week, you spend completely learning about the subject and doing tasks reated to learning about the subject and then the next week it is the act mission on the topic and then finally the imagine task. In this way people will begin to have a more through understanding of an issue”

- Agent Amy Kate Payne

“Have a bell ring or images of fireworks popping when they complete a mission. Hooray!!!”

- Agent sunnydupree

“follow up and support successful evokations from season 1 with links and online communities”

- Agent Nick Heyming

“Introducing guilds or some other form of Evoke groups who could also work on small group tasks and where geographically feasible assemble and document real world act missions in the “think globally, act locally” frame of mind….
For the first episode of season 2, we travel to the Galapagos Islands and join a secret meeting with representatives of other like minded groups (i.e. introducing new characters) so we can pool our resources and information on the nefarious Alpha who is the cliffhanger of episode 9. The new characters would be fellow futurists, think tankers and brain trustees…. The characters would settle into a discussion of what each of them can add to the puzzle that is Alpha, preparing the players as to what we are going to be dealing with on that front…The small group meeting can also be a springboard for a new guild or team feature where players could organize into squads based on geographic closeness for local act missions or squads based on particular specialties or issue interest…”

- Agent Agnithrax

“The idea of colloboration is a motivator that the game could potentially make use of, but hard to actually do as the tasks that people colloborate on are taking on real world open ended issues (solve hunger) rather than say as in an MMO game task that is closed and specific (e.g. collaborate to gain 10000 wood to build guild hut etc…which for some reason does motivate strongly to contribute as you are helping a higher goal not just yourself). Perhaps one way to get the internal motivator of contributing to a greater goal (which I think most people have) could be to add in constraints. e.g. set closed specific tasks such as form a team of 10 players, try to raise $1000; form a team of 20 players and write 200 amnesty international letters; form a team of 20 players and get sponsorship to build 3 schools and equip local families with goats for livelihood. etc… i.e. mini-evokations, mini but structured and achievable. Some could be set by the game, others could be created by players, but if created then there needs to be a tool with structured fields to ensure the mini-evokation is a closed targetted task suitable for colloboration but achieveable. A management idea states that targets need to be SMART to have a high probability of being achieved (Specific, Measured, Achieveable, Results-oriented, timed). so perhaps mini-evokations could achieve this and possibly allow more players to engage in the act part of the game but in non-competitive manner ”

- Agent Chris Delamer

“I would like a way to easily see new posts for people on my friends list. I would also like to be able to see which of my posts have had power votes and from whom to have a better way to meet new people who might be interested in being friends based on the fact they read my work and appreciated it. And vice versa.”

- Agent Cynawynn

Not an idea, but useful for our community policy — “How Heroes Speak” would be a great name! “In the beginning of EVOKE the atmosphere here was very supportive and kind. As it went on an edge came in. There were cliques and accusations and many discussions descended into arguments that lost the point they began with. That’s why I shied away from the network and may not finish all my missions. Please believe that I am all for discussion, for disagreement, for complaint even, but some of the things said here were just mean and meant to make people upset. It’s hard to get emotions across with just text, which is why we have to be extra careful – to see if our words could be read as harsh. I don’t know how to fix that. With a network this big, with so much to do and so many people eager to be involved it may be impossible to do anything about it.

But it made me sad. It broke my playsphere. It is not how heroes speak, and by making us into squabbling ordinary people instead of EVOKE agents it lessened the power of the game.”

- Agent Hanna Brady

“Evoke Game Room (s), organized by topic/skill;
Evoke Chat Room(s) organized by topic/skill and by new/returning agent and possible additional parameters (similar to Agent Gabriel Martin’s site?),;
EVOKE detention room (?) for agents whom the Ning platform or moderators might otherwise ban—so that their contributions might still be active, accessible (perhaps through a series of access chambers with appropriate content labels?) and pertinent, even if moved to a side area, to increase transparency and lessen perceptions of censorship within the internet/EVOKE platforms;
EVOKE Hero Center, where (instead of or in addition to EVOKE 1’s hero-of-week blog?) trend-setting or leading agents might be given the opportunity to lead a weekly interactive-chat session, or to offer mentoring for a specific time period (not to overburden productive Agents as they work through the Evoke challenges themselves) to agents who are interested in a particular project, field, skill or tech-platform…
EVOKE Proving Ground, where Agents can post real-life, real-time application of their innovations, projects and efforts, in addition to regular photo- blog- or video- postings. Organized by skill, interest, or other typology, these could become an additional learning tool/asset for the evoke network, with more accessibility/visibility”

- Agent Michele Baron

We on the EVOKE creative team are really excited about taking on these challenges to make the EVOKE experience even better for players in the future.  Thanks to all the Agents who submitted their ideas.  We’ll keep everyone posted on the new season as it develops.

One Response to “What will happen in Season 2?”

  1. Pradip Dey

    I would like to be a Memtor for the new EVOKEr (s) in Session 2 with the concept that I created in Session 1 (Link: http://www.urgentevoke.com/profiles/blogs/hold-the-spark-in-your-heart),
    For convenience, I am providing the concept below:

    Title: Hold the spark in your heart

    Hold the spark
    Carefully in your heart,
    Hold the courage to change
    The world of your part.
    Small actions can ensure
    Big changes with time,
    Don’t think ever
    You have crossed your prime.
    Positive thinking and empathy,
    And a little time of your leisure
    Can empower many a soul
    And give you pleasure.
    Together, we are strong and stout
    Can face the problem and evoke it out.

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