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EVOKE was developed by the World Bank Institute, the learning and knowledge arm of the World Bank Group, and directed by alternate reality game master Jane McGonigal.

Season 1 Dark Site to re-open for new groups

Posted by Robert Hawkins on 01 Feb under Uncategorized

Greetings EVOKE agents.   Are you ready to re-engage?   Are you ready to welcome new agents to the network?  Due to overwhelming demand from teachers and community leaders, EVOKE – Season 1 dark site will re-open on a three month trial run basis.  New groups of players can now submit a request for access to EVOKE to play the game at your own pace.  At this point, we will only be accepting group applications and not individual applications. Due to the potential high volume of requests expected we will be reviewing and approving applications each week so there may be a 5 day delay in the approval process. For new and existing agents, please be aware of the code of ethics that were developed during the original 10 week run of the game.   As new groups come on we will try to introduce them through blog posts each week, please reach out to them and welcome them to the network.   Happy Evoking….

33 Responses to “Season 1 Dark Site to re-open for new groups”

  1. DDaoust


    Unfortunately for me, I only just learned about this game tonight and would love to play! Only…I dont have a group to play with. Would anyone be able to suggest a possible solution? Or at the least know of any groups I might petition? Thanks!

  2. Mette Wichmand

    Does this mean that it won’t be possible to play UE as an individual in 2011?

    Kind regards,

  3. Perseu

    I want to play this game =]

  4. Ray Brannon

    I am teaching a college level course of my creation “Social Media:Society & Citizenship.” and will be teaching another course at a different university in the sociology department titled “Social Media and Society: Sociological Perspectives”

  5. Adam Good

    Would like to play the game. Thanx

  6. Jason Smith

    Would like to sign up my grade 12 World Issues class for this, there are 32 of them plus myself. How do I go about doing this if there is still room? Thank you for your time.

  7. J

    I heard about this from [Canadian Broadcasting Corporation] CBC’s radio program “Spark”.

    Disappointed, but do understand, that the next round is for groups only.

    My question is this: Although cannot actually participate, will all aspects of Round 2 be available to all as it regards reading & following along?

    Many thanks for anticipated response :-)

  8. rachel horwitz

    I am the librarian at the biggest high school in New Mexico. Can my students play this game?

  9. Foma Bourne

    I am an individual who would like to participate in this game. Are there any groups that would be willing to adopt me so I can participate in this re-opening of the season one event?

    I will be a cooperative and highly active participant. I am willing to work on my own or with a group to help.

    Thanks for considering it.


  10. osmia

    I just heard about you today on CBC Radio One. Soooo, I am confused.

    Can I only play if I am a member of a Group?
    And if I can find, make up a Group, can we only play on the “Season 1 dark site three month trial run”?

    And if I cannot find a Group to join or create a Group to play, does that mean, as an individual, I am out of luck for playing this season?

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    [...] This post was mentioned on Twitter by buffy bye, buffy bye. buffy bye said: !ATTENTION EVOKERS: Dark Site tb activated, team registration open, http://bit.ly/dVPmKx, ty for RT @evokenet @TechSoup @betterverse [...]

  12. buffy

    Oh yeah, I’m ready, and the http://www.Gameful.org Urgent Evoke Monsters have been notified.

    I’m spreading the word, the Network is stirring.

    Join Me Join Us
    BuffyB, MegaHero Social Innovator, activated


  13. Sunny Du Pree

    I am truly excited and can hardly wait for the New Urgent Evoke Season! I look forward to learning new things and meeting and helping others as We strive to solve the issues of the day! You can count on me to be of assistance.
    Grace and Peace
    Sunny Du Pree

  14. Alice Y.

    Great, looking forward to it.

  15. cesar saenz

    so do i have to work on the first season to be apart of the second?

  16. Josh Hebb

    I was hoping to try the game with my Social 10-1 class in April/ May of this school year. This aligns with the Alberta Edication Curriculum on Globalization and the extent that we should respond to it. This would be a blast for the students and hopefully we can gain access.
    Josh Hebb
    Calgary, AB

  17. robyn bernard

    hello EVOKE administrator,
    I am a International Business Management Undergrad Student. I just recently found this website from a TED conference speech by Jane McGonigal. I feel this would be a great opportunity in expanding my knowledge in innovation that I can use in my future internationally. I was wondering if it would be at all possible to become an agent. I would like to try and put my best efforts into creating innovative ideas and gather useful collaboration and feedback from others for my future.
    thank you,
    Robyn Bernard

  18. Catherine Nicora

    I found this website through Jane McGonigal’s speeches on Colbert, Long Conversation, TED, etc and she said that anyone could play. I urge you to allow for individuals to play.

    Humans engage in various ways, and many gamers feel comfortable interacting in their own room, and sharing information as needed.

    I am not part of a group, and don’t know any suitable people to ask to join.

  19. Professor Karen L. Anderson

    I would like to begin this adventure as soon as possible with my advanced compostion students at the Community College of Rhode Island. We have approximately 11 weeks left of term.

    My students have watched Ms. McGonigal’s Ted Talk and are doing a rhetorical analysis of her argument.

    My students are a community of gamers, and I would very much like to harness their enthusiasm for this wonderfully worthy and motivating game. Many of my students are just learning to be self-directed learners and understand their talents.

    I always like to bring some sort of community service into my classes, and I think this is a perfect project, as the class is run in a hybrid format and my students are quite tech and game savvy.

    We have been watching and reviewing the materials from 2010 and are very hopeful we will be accepted to undertake this challenge. Ideally, my students would like to work in small groups of two and three.

    I look forward to your response.

  20. Richard Dudley

    How about grouping individual applicants? Or letting individuals join a group that doesn’t have enough people?

  21. shiri dembovich


    I am a home-schooling parent who is interested in the educational aspect of gaming. Please let me know how I can register a group of home school children.


  22. Briony Johnston

    I am a digital technology teacher at Bay of Islands College, Kawakawa, New Zealand. My Missions is to get my students to gain empathy, be able to work collaboratively, thinking skills, as well as keep motivated and on task. I would like to set our school up as a group and Have “Change The world Friday”! I have not yet been accepted myself and am not a gamer, so I hope and trust that this will be a motivating, insightful and enjoyable project for our school.
    Looking forward to the adventure

    Briony Johnston

  23. Sven

    I will learn how to change the world

  24. evoke_madrid

    Our web page is still to be completed

  25. st nichols

    I am a volunteer with our middle school Future Problem Solvers team – EVOKE would be great training for our students. Is the site active currently? Are there new challenges?

  26. BuffyB

    Greetings Agents, the Gameful Urgent Evoke Monsters (GUEM) team welcomes all and wish you best of luck on your missions.

    Team Leader, GUEMS
    Evoke Unit1

  27. Amy Falken

    Greetings, what is the current status of applying to join for Dark Site?

  28. Cynthia

    Hey there,

    question: Is there a deadline for finishing season 2, or 1.5, or whatever it is we are doing now, or is it just do at your own pace?

    thanks and peace.

  29. Michael

    Taking an entrepreneurship class and would like to use your program. thanks

  30. Anders


    I currently volunteer with ja.org, and with other organizations. I would like the opportunity to take some teenagers through the Evoke journey. My purpose is to help people find their own purposes, and I think people find it through service of some kind. Evoke seems to provide a beautiful, exciting, and fun way to get into the “purpose” conversation. I look forward to evoking action and positive change in my community.

    Thank you.


  31. Melody Ross

    I work with the Amnesty International Human Rights Education Team at the Internal Level developing human rights education material to be used with teachers and trainers working with young people both in the formal and informal context in the global north as well as the global south. My project is Eduction for Human Dignity so we deal with issues relating with the link between huuman rights and ppoverty and specifically how to engage young people to take action to make change. We are interested in exploring the use of multimendia and specifically interactive gaming. For that reason we would like to engage and particiapte in Evoke. Thank you for considring us.

  32. Evoke Game Runner

    [...] Evoke Network will be re-opened to teachers and students during the spring of 2011 and I am currently acting as the game moderator during this [...]

  33. chang ho park

    I consider this amaazing social game at the class

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