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EVOKE was developed by the World Bank Institute, the learning and knowledge arm of the World Bank Group, and directed by alternate reality game master Jane McGonigal.

EVOKE challenge on Global Giving Raises almost $30,000

Posted by Robert Hawkins on 07 Sep under News, evokation

Congratulations to all of the EVOKE agents who participated in the August EVOKE challenge on Global Giving.  In one month, these 25 projects raised nearly $30,000 and engaged 597 unique donors!  Six EVOKE agents also met the Global Giving threshold of 50 unique donors and $3,000 raised to remain on the Global Giving site and [...]


EVOKE Challenge has started

Posted by Robert Hawkins on 02 Aug under News, Uncategorized, evokation

Greetings Agents,
The EVOKE challenge has begun!  Please visit the EVOKE challenge on Global Giving at www.globalgiving.org/evoke to support 25 fellow agents in their quest to raise resources and donors for their EVOKATIONS.   The challenge will run for the month of August — ending 23:59 EST on August 31, 2010.  Bonus resources will be available [...]

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EVOKATION Awards — Global Giving Partnership

Posted by Robert Hawkins on 18 May under evokation

We are pleased to announce a partnership with Global Giving to help support the development of your EVOKATION. EVOKATION prize winners will receive their seed money in the form of a four week on-line challenge during the month of August, 2010 in which they will have an opportunity to generate additional resources from Global Giving’s [...]


Mentors — And now there are 20

Posted by Robert Hawkins on 16 May under Mentor Reports, Uncategorized, evokation

EVOKE agents — I’m pleased to introduce another set of four inspiring  mentors to the network.  They bring an incredible array of talents and experience from both established an entrepreneurial ventures including — EA Entertainment, Samasource, Afroes, and the Shuttleworth Foundation.   Please join me in welcoming Dan Morris, Chelsea Seale, Anne Shongwe, and Steve Vosloo!


Prize Categories Open to All Ages

Posted by Robert Hawkins on 13 May under evokation

Dear EVOKE Agents
When we embarked on this journey, we developed EVOKE and the prize categories — follow up mentorships and scholarships — with a specific target audience in mind — young people throughout the world who were in the early stages of making life and career goals.  We hoped that EVOKE would give them the [...]



Posted by Alchemy on 12 May under How to EVOKE, Uncategorized, evokation

Congratulations, EVOKE agents. You’ve not only survived your crash course in changing the world — you’ve developed amazing resourcefulness, optimism and resilience.
Now it’s time to put all of your EVOKE powers to use.
It’s time to turn your attention from the story of the EVOKE network to the reality of how YOU will change the [...]


The Evokation: Due May 19, 2010

Posted by Calida DeBello on 09 May under How to EVOKE, evokation

Submit an Evokation to earn EVOKE awards, scholarships, and mentorships.



Posted by Alchemy on 02 May under How to EVOKE, evokation

1. When are EVOKATIONS due?
May 19, 11:59 Pacific Time.
2. How do I submit my EVOKATION?
There are two key steps to submit your EVOKATION:


Evokation Clinic Live

Posted by Simon Brookes on 30 Apr under How to EVOKE, evokation

As we near the climax of this first thrilling season of EVOKE, many of you are turning your thoughts to potential EVOKATION project ideas. It is clear that while some agents are well advanced with their EVOKATION plans other agents may still be wondering what on earth the EVOKATIONs are all about.  There is some [...]


Mentors bring IK, Hexayurts, Digital Culture, and Youth Employment

Posted by Robert Hawkins on 29 Apr under Mentor Reports, Uncategorized, evokation

This weeks Mentors bring an incredible diversity of expertise and experience to the EVOKE network.  An expert in Indigenous Knowledge and ways to infuse innovation into organizations; an infrastructure innovator who implements viable solutions in the world’s toughest environments; a technologist, artist and community organizer who supports digital culture to bring us together; and an [...]

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