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EVOKE was developed by the World Bank Institute, the learning and knowledge arm of the World Bank Group, and directed by alternate reality game master Jane McGonigal.

EVOKE challenge on Global Giving Raises almost $30,000

Posted by Robert Hawkins on 07 Sep under News, evokation

Congratulations to all of the EVOKE agents who participated in the August EVOKE challenge on Global Giving.  In one month, these 25 projects raised nearly $30,000 and engaged 597 unique donors!  Six EVOKE agents also met the Global Giving threshold of 50 unique donors and $3,000 raised to remain on the Global Giving site and [...]


EVOKE Challenge has started

Posted by Robert Hawkins on 02 Aug under News, Uncategorized, evokation

Greetings Agents,
The EVOKE challenge has begun!  Please visit the EVOKE challenge on Global Giving at www.globalgiving.org/evoke to support 25 fellow agents in their quest to raise resources and donors for their EVOKATIONS.   The challenge will run for the month of August — ending 23:59 EST on August 31, 2010.  Bonus resources will be available [...]

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To Be Continued …

Posted by Alchemy on 20 May under News

Season One of EVOKE is over, but the EVOKE Network lives on.


EVOKE Survey

Posted by Robert Hawkins on 18 May under News, Uncategorized

Greetings Agents,
Help us learn!  Help shape the next generation of EVOKE!
All EVOKE agents are invited to take a short Web survey that will help measure EVOKE’s impact on social innovation.  We all believe that EVOKE has an important role to play — in education, innovation, development.  Help us show it!
Take the survey!

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Welcome to the EVOKE Network

Posted by Alchemy on 10 May under News

This is not a simulation. You are about to tackle real problems.


Forge your EVOKE Legacy

Posted by Ken Eklund on 24 Apr under How to EVOKE, Investigation Files, News

EVOKE, your 10-week crash course on changing the world, ends on May 12, which is coming up fast. Time for us to think about collectively we’ve accomplished and what individually we can do in the time that remains!
EVOKATIONS. Many agents are working on Evokations, which is to say, they are proposing ways to put an [...]


Prepare to be EVOKED

Posted by Nathaniel Fruchter on 13 Apr under News, People and Ideas

So far, everything that’s happened on EVOKE has exceeded our wildest expectations. Agents have created, thought, discussed, and innovated their ways out of some of the toughest situations facing our planet. Evokations are taking shape. Altogether, some truly amazing ideas have been created on this network. We’d like to give everyone [...]


If you are having difficulty logging into the network

Posted by Mita Williams on 05 Apr under News

If you are experiencing difficulties signing in to The Urgent Evoke Network, please let us know by submitting a ticket here.


The new Leader Cloud

Posted by Mita Williams on 03 Apr under How to EVOKE, News

At the very beginning of the Evoke Network, we were told that there is no one way to win this game. It was – and still is – up to us to determine what journey we want to take over the ten weeks.
Think of the new Leader Cloud as one of the tools available to [...]


Who created EVOKE, and why?

Posted by Alchemy on 09 Mar under Behind the scenes, News

The EVOKE network has its own origin story – just as all of you have yours.