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EVOKE was developed by the World Bank Institute, the learning and knowledge arm of the World Bank Group, and directed by alternate reality game master Jane McGonigal.


Posted by Alchemy on 12 May under How to EVOKE, Uncategorized, evokation

Congratulations, EVOKE agents. You’ve not only survived your crash course in changing the world — you’ve developed amazing resourcefulness, optimism and resilience.
Now it’s time to put all of your EVOKE powers to use.
It’s time to turn your attention from the story of the EVOKE network to the reality of how YOU will change the [...]


Mentors bring IK, Hexayurts, Digital Culture, and Youth Employment

Posted by Robert Hawkins on 29 Apr under Mentor Reports, Uncategorized, evokation

This weeks Mentors bring an incredible diversity of expertise and experience to the EVOKE network.  An expert in Indigenous Knowledge and ways to infuse innovation into organizations; an infrastructure innovator who implements viable solutions in the world’s toughest environments; a technologist, artist and community organizer who supports digital culture to bring us together; and an [...]

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What do Honeybee, Ushahidi, Intel, and the World Bank have in common?

Posted by Robert Hawkins on 21 Apr under Mentor Reports, Uncategorized, evokation

They are the organizations where this week’s set of mentors honed their skills and experience!  We are very excited to introduce to you a set of mentors with a rich array of talents and expertise.  This group has created a network of grass roots innovators, developed an application to support disaster relief and transparency, worked [...]


Certificates and Phishing

Posted by Robert Hawkins on 15 Apr under Uncategorized

Greetings Agents,
A quick update on a few issues that came up this past week.
First, we are in the final processes of verifying information for certificates.  We will soon be distributing the first batches for certificates per the graduating class of 2010.
Second, as part of this verification process, my colleague from the World Bank Institute — [...]


More Mentors

Posted by Robert Hawkins on 14 Apr under Mentor Reports, Uncategorized

I am very excited to introduce to you another incredible set of mentors for post-game EVOKATION development. Please join me in welcoming Sebastian Barajas, Paul Gabie, Vis Naidoo, and Bill Purves to the EVOKE network.   This group of mentors spans four continents and brings with them a wealth of experience in converting innovative and [...]


Investigate Episode Six

Posted by Alchemy on 07 Apr under Uncategorized

Get the facts behind the story. Make yourself an expert.
And discover the 17 secrets of episode six…
1. What is “the girl effect”, and how can it change the world?
2. Where in the world are women still not allowed to vote?
3. Who is Shukria Barakzai?
4. What laws prevent a woman from speaking in court [...]


What does an EVOKATION look like?

Posted by Alchemy on 04 Apr under Uncategorized

An EVOKATION is a powerful document. A successful EVOKATION clearly illustrates a specific social challenge, identifies an innovative path to its solution, and inspires confidence in the determination and vision of its authors to undertake that path. Crafting an effective EVOKATION is a process. It will take time, thought, and care.
Nearly [...]


Collective Intelligence – The Future

Posted by Batandwa Alperstein on 14 Mar under People and Ideas, Uncategorized

The EVOKE game has opened my eyes to the great possibilities and opportunities that are opened when passionate people come together to collaborate.
This is my first interaction with Collective Intelligence. Wikipedia is the most well-known example of CI; where millions of users create a constantly expanding online encyclopedia.
I’ve seen numerous players refering to the concept, [...]


Investigate Episode 2

Posted by Alchemy on 10 Mar under Uncategorized

Get the facts behind the story. Make yourself an expert.
And discover the twelve secrets of Episode Two…


COMING SOON: Evidence Rewards, and Your Personal Evidence Log

Posted by Alchemy on 05 Mar under Uncategorized

How do I know that the EVOKE Network is capable of changing the world? Because I have more than 2000 pieces of evidence telling me so.
In just 48 hours, you’ve created 2114 blog posts, videos and photos to show off your completed Social Innovation missions. And I don’t want any of your outstanding efforts getting [...]