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EVOKE was developed by the World Bank Institute, the learning and knowledge arm of the World Bank Group, and directed by alternate reality game master Jane McGonigal.

What Went Right, What Went Wrong: Lessons from Season 1 of EVOKE.

Posted by Jane McGonigal on 26 Jul under Behind the scenes

The EVOKE Post-Vita: What Went Right and What Went Wrong

For the next 3 days, we’re holding our Post-Vita meeting for the first season of EVOKE here in San Francisco. The lead team has gathered together to assess the first season and power up for future seasons and translations. We wanted to share with you our thoughts and ideas as we go, so we’re creating documents on the fly and live blogging them. We want to be as transparent as possible to help other social good games learn from our EVOKE experiences.

So first up: Here’s our top list of things that went right during EVOKE (and why – so we can do it again!) and things that went wrong (with at least one good idea for how we could improve next time.) In the great tradition of Game Developer Magazine, each lead team member made their own list of Top What Went Rights and Top What Went Wrongs. Please know: The solutions/recommendations aren’t necessarily locked in for future EVOKE seasons or experiences; we will continue to discuss and brainstorm, so please feel free to add your feedback and ideas in the comments.

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Posted by Robert Hawkins on 22 Jul under Uncategorized

Greetings EVOKE agents!  I’m very pleased to announce the agents and agent teams selected for the various prize categories.

There were four categories of prizes for which we evaluated the EVOKATIONS:

  1. EVOKE summit scholarship
  2. Mentorship
  3. EVOKATION Seed Funding of US$1,000 (to be distributed through Global Giving)
  4. EVOKE challenge participation with Global Giving

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Coming soon: Class of 2010

Posted by Alchemy on 21 May under Behind the scenes

My team is busy reviewing the missions and quests of all of our EVOKE agents, so that we can officially certify the Class of 2010. We need to verify your great work, so that your certificate really stands for something.

Stay tuned for the official Class of 2010 announcement — and a link to your personal certificate of EVOKE completion — in the next few weeks!


To Be Continued …

Posted by Alchemy on 20 May under News

Season One of EVOKE is over, but the EVOKE Network lives on.

For the time being, the EVOKE Network is going into dark mode, but there are still many things you can do on the site. You will still be able to read the graphic novel, comment on evidence (if you are already a member of the network), power vote evidence, work on quests, update your status, send messages to other members, and more. What you won’t be able to do is add new blog posts, photos, or videos to urgentevoke.com. You also won’t be able to invite new agents to join the Network.

COMING SOON: You WILL BE ABLE TO continue to work on missions. I will update this blog post with information about how to continue your progress through the crash-course.

To everyone who signed up, read the graphic novel, and completed even one mission or quest, thank you. Your work will be preserved at urgentevoke.com for others to see.

To everyone who successfully completed the crash-course, I salute you. To everyone who submitted EVOKATIONS, your work and your ideas are deeply inspiring.

But there will be more. The story of the EVOKE Network is far from over, and the work of changing the world has just begun.

See you in 2011 for Season Two.


EVOKATION Awards — Global Giving Partnership

Posted by Robert Hawkins on 18 May under evokation

We are pleased to announce a partnership with Global Giving to help support the development of your EVOKATION. EVOKATION prize winners will receive their seed money in the form of a four week on-line challenge during the month of August, 2010 in which they will have an opportunity to generate additional resources from Global Giving’s vast online community.

Watch this video to learn more about Global Giving:

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EVOKE Survey

Posted by Robert Hawkins on 18 May under News, Uncategorized

Greetings Agents,

Help us learn!  Help shape the next generation of EVOKE!

All EVOKE agents are invited to take a short Web survey that will help measure EVOKE’s impact on social innovation.  We all believe that EVOKE has an important role to play — in education, innovation, development.  Help us show it!

Take the survey!

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Mentors — And now there are 20

Posted by Robert Hawkins on 16 May under Mentor Reports, Uncategorized, evokation

EVOKE agents — I’m pleased to introduce another set of four inspiring  mentors to the network.  They bring an incredible array of talents and experience from both established an entrepreneurial ventures including — EA Entertainment, Samasource, Afroes, and the Shuttleworth Foundation.   Please join me in welcoming Dan Morris, Chelsea Seale, Anne Shongwe, and Steve Vosloo!


Heroes To The End

Posted by Calida DeBello on 14 May under Heroes of the Week, People and Ideas

In the last days of official EVOKE I’ve seen an outpouring of last-minute Missions (of course!), many goodbyes and thank-you-alls, and many many thoughtful reflections on EVOKE, what it has meant, where it will go, and where it can go with EVOKE Season 2 in 2011.

Of the many suggestions for the next EVOKE, I’ll call attention to four:

Agent Ninmah, a Hero already, hopes for better teacher support: tools for example that make it easier for classrooms to play (following the trail blazed by our Hero Agency Chengyuan High School). And Agent Gabriel Martin seconds her request with a good teacher-friendly wish list of his own.

Agent Samuel Freilich is a Hero for his Season 2 recommendations, especially I think (a) getting politicians to play and (b) getting us closer to an epic win state!

Agent Elizabeth DiMola is a Hero for inspiring us with her idea of EVOKE 2.0 played for real in communities worldwide, maybe using Ushahidi as a platform.

Agent Sarah Shaw Tatoun is a Hero for her thoughtful analysis about the difficulty of balance in the open classroom that is EVOKE.

And d’oh! I almost forgot! Agent Richard Smyth’s popular EVOKE: Season 2 – The Comic.

The other outpouring we’ve seen of course: THE EVOKATIONS. These are proposals by Agents that put the lessons of EVOKE into action. If you want to be uplifted (and you do), search for them. Two I’ll mention: the inspiringly crowdsourced OUR FARM and Agent David Dewane’s Library initiative. Which he sums up so well in this drawing!

We thank everyone that’s working on an Evokation, and encourage them to take that energy forward!

How do you handle a crisis? Agent Abby Krieger knows from experience – you don’t judge people – and she’s a Hero for sharing that wisdom for LEARN7. And a different experience sparked Agent Soni Pitts to connect the connective power of Ushahidi with crises in her hometown. And Agent Ryan Friedrich is a Hero for his simple vision of a sustainable future: one that avoids negative-sum thinking.

I found quiet heroism in three personal stories: about indaba, from Agent Brian Chatterton; about women empowering women, by Agent j m; and Agent Hafie Yillah’s very simple vision of food security in the year 2020 that I hope is as true as ever: “I am eating a meal that myself and 8 other individuals helped prepared. We are all of different backgrounds, but each of us has come together for the common goal of feeding one another.”

And with that, I let go of something I have never actually held in the first place: the power to make people Heroes. The heroism people show here, much of it unassuming and some of it unremarked, far outweighs any authority I may have seemed to have.

Said another way: “It has been very inspiring to me to see so many people willingly take on the learning, acting, and imagining that EVOKE has asked of them — and to watch what has unfolded. I know I’ve only seen the tiniest part of it, and still it astonishes me.” Thanks, Agent Ninmah, for your words, speaking truly what is in my heart.  – Calida, with Mita and the entire EVOKE team


Prize Categories Open to All Ages

Posted by Robert Hawkins on 13 May under evokation

Dear EVOKE Agents

When we embarked on this journey, we developed EVOKE and the prize categories — follow up mentorships and scholarships — with a specific target audience in mind — young people throughout the world who were in the early stages of making life and career goals.  We hoped that EVOKE would give them the tools — knowledge, inspiration, courage, and connections to other inspired individuals throughout the world to go out and create change in their communities.

As with many other aspects of this 10 week adventure, we are delighted to see how EVOKE and our original assumptions have evolved and changed.  In light of the tremendous response to EVOKE from agents of ALL ages, we will revise the rules to make ALL players eligible for all prize categories.

Good luck with your EVOKATIONS and looking forward to continuing this journey with you.



Posted by Alchemy on 12 May under How to EVOKE, Uncategorized, evokation

Congratulations, EVOKE agents. You’ve not only survived your crash course in changing the world — you’ve developed amazing resourcefulness, optimism and resilience.

Now it’s time to put all of your EVOKE powers to use.

It’s time to turn your attention from the story of the EVOKE network to the reality of how YOU will change the world.


Starting today, you can share YOUR creative plan for tackling one of the world’s most urgent problems: hunger, poverty, pandemic, sustainable energy, climate change, conservation, women’s rights; access to education, clean water, health care, and economic opportunity.

Here’s how to do it:

Step one: Upload your evokation to the network — as a blog post, video, photo essay, or any combination of evidence. TAG IT “EVOKATION.”

Step two: Email urgentevoke@gmail.com with the URL of your EVOKATION and the full contact information for yourself and any other team members: full name, address, phone number, and date of birth. (Your personal information will not be shared, and will be used only to contact you and confirm your identity in the event that you win a mentorship, travel scholarship, or seed funding.)

Remember, agents: Your EVOKATION must include the following four essential elements:

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