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EVOKE was developed by the World Bank Institute, the learning and knowledge arm of the World Bank Group, and directed by alternate reality game master Jane McGonigal.

Welcome to the EVOKE Network

Posted by Alchemy on 10 May under News

This is not a simulation. You are about to tackle real problems. Continue reading this entry…


The Evokation: Due May 19, 2010

Posted by Calida DeBello on 09 May under How to EVOKE, evokation

Submit an Evokation to earn EVOKE awards, scholarships, and mentorships. Continue reading this entry…


Manifesto: EVOKE and Beyond

Posted by Calida DeBello on 09 May under People and Ideas

As EVOKE concludes, thoughts on its process and its legacy by our gamerunners. Continue reading this entry…


EVOKE Heroes: Season 1

Posted by Calida DeBello on 09 May under Heroes of the Week

A week-by-week sampler of the accomplishments of EVOKE’s citizen agents. Continue reading this entry…

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Real Life Heroes

Posted by Calida DeBello on 06 May under Heroes of the Week, People and Ideas

The future lurched a bit closer this week: EVOKE Agents had their pick of real-world events to test their skills. I’m currently in the U.S., and I have only to pick up a paper to read about ruptured water mains challenging the water security of large cities; tornadoes challenging the resilience of small towns; floods challenging the resilience of big cities; oil spills challenging the resilience of entire regions. In Europe, volcanic ash continues to disrupt commerce and tourism; the euro’s monetary crisis deepens; a headline in The Economist asks, “What Happened to 100 Million Baby Girls?” The UN calls for urgent action to head off a food crisis in Niger threatening up to 8 million people. China releases data showing it’s now increasing its energy consumption per unit of GDP growth, reversing its previous progress. Continue reading this entry…


Investigate Week Ten

Posted by Alchemy on 05 May under Investigation Files

Want to try your hand at sending an URGENT EVOKE? Discover the secrets of writing your own story. Here’s what a script for an URGENT EVOKE episode looks like. You can use this real EVOKE script as a template for writing your own. Continue reading this entry…



Posted by Alchemy on 02 May under How to EVOKE, evokation

1. When are EVOKATIONS due?
May 19, 11:59 Pacific Time.

2. How do I submit my EVOKATION?
There are two key steps to submit your EVOKATION:
Continue reading this entry…


Preserving Indigenous Secrets

Posted by Joshua Judkins on 02 May under People and Ideas

In Week Eight of Urgent EVOKE, Agents were challenged to create a real physical object that encodes a piece of traditional wisdom about the local plants, animals, landforms, water sources, weather, or any other important feature of an indigenous environment.

Agents from all around the world drew on their local insight and creativity, and produced a number of wonderful objects. Lets check out a few of them:

One of the most stunning examples has already been highlighted in this week’s Heroes Blog Post – a Venus of Willendorf style mother symbol sculpted out of stone. You can see the whole process on PJE’s photo gallery, but here is the final result:

Continue reading this entry…


Evokation Clinic Live

Posted by Simon Brookes on 30 Apr under How to EVOKE, evokation

As we near the climax of this first thrilling season of EVOKE, many of you are turning your thoughts to potential EVOKATION project ideas. It is clear that while some agents are well advanced with their EVOKATION plans other agents may still be wondering what on earth the EVOKATIONs are all about.  There is some information on EVOKATIONS in this blog post but no doubt this will raise as many questions as it provides answers. Continue reading this entry…


Heroes of Living Knowledge

Posted by Calida DeBello on 29 Apr under Heroes of the Week, People and Ideas

This week, a countdown. But first, some announcements:

For TEACHERS: Agent Chris Ke Sihai wants to start EVOKE 1.5, a site that teachers can use after EVOKE is officially over. If this is something you would like to use, let him know. For all of us: Agent Shakwei Mbindyo urges us to join the Davos conversation about Visions for Africa: let our voices be heard!

LEARN8: Agent Meira Datiya is a hero for reminding us that the best knowledge is that we arrive at ourselves, from various and primary sources and through honest inquiry. Continue reading this entry…

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